Andrea and Steven @Ocean City Yacht Club ~ mkPhotography, New Jersey Wedding Photographer

This Washington, DC couple first met when they were both 17 years old on the beach in Ocean City, NJ, where Steven was a lifeguard. With her friend in tow, Andrea could not help but try to make conversation with Steve by asking him to take a picture of the pair. Andrea and Steve went on a couple dates, but nothing seemed to materialize and they both headed to college at separate universities that Autumn.

The two spoke sporadically over the next ten years, while each pursuing their own lives— until, August of 2010. That is when Andrea’s cousins stole her phone during a cousin’s night out and agreed to an official date with Steve. Although Steve deployed to Iraq less than a month after that first date, the two decided to stay together during the six-month separation. They got to know each other over daily emails and lengthy g-chat conversations.

After buying a house in Andrea’s favorite DC neighborhood of Capitol Hill, everyone expected the two to get engaged shortly. A planned trip back to Ocean City to visit both sets of family seemed like the obvious opportunity. A few days beforehand, Steve broke down to Andrea and told her of his plans to propose, but there was a problem with the ring, and it would not be ready in time. In Ocean City, Steve took Andrea to the beach where they met, under the guise of explaining how he would have proposed, had the ring been ready. Unbeknownst to Andrea, the ring was ready, and in Steve’s pocket. Her first words after the proposal was “is that real?” After being assured that it was, Andrea readily agreed to marry.

Andrea and Steve got married in the town where they met and got engaged. Although they were not blessed with the good weather they had for the two former events, the day was everything they both had hoped for. The rain was absolutely relentless and it poured ALL DAY on their wedding but beautiful Andrea’s disappointment could not be detected by the lens.

Andrea and Steve now live in Capitol Hill with both the Maid of Honor (Andrea’s sister) and the Best Man (Steve’s brother) where Andrea can be found most days planning how to recreate her wedding day for their one-year anniversary. Forecast: Sunny!

The Details:
Coordinator: Truly You Events
Reception Venue: Ocean City Yacht Club
Caterer: Nobil by the Bay
Cake: The Cake Studio
Video: Rosetree Films
Flowers: Beautiful Blooms
Music: The Elite Sound
Hair and Makeup: Duette Hair and Makeup