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Chrissy & Mike ~ Philadelphia Engagement Photographer

Friday, October 28th, 2011

We loved walking around Philadelphia with Chrissy & Mike. These two have to be one of the cutest couples EVER!
We visited Amada where they met each other and loved seeing all of their favorite spots. Photographing their wedding next September at PAFA is going to be a pure joy! Can’t wait.


Alicia - Just beautiful. Love how natural they look-and in love!

Christiane - Mike & Jana- WOW! We can never thank you enough. The photos came out better than we could have imagined. I've been on your blog so many times checking out couples from work, its so fun to finally be the bride! You two have blown us away. A million thanks :)

Jana - Chrissy, it was a pleasure! We can't wait to capture your big day.

Marcy & Dermot ~ Philadelphia Engagement Photographer

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

We loved spending time and getting to know Marcy and Dermot. Sometimes the best session location in right on ones front doorstep and neighborhood.
What a great hidden gem so close to Rittenhouse Square. It felt like we completely left the busyness of the city behind. Photo opportunities presented themselves in every direction!

We are looking forward to sharing your big day next summer.

mike & jana

Marcy - Mike and Jana- Thank you so much!! We had so much fun with you guys that day- you really managed to make us both comfortable (something we were not sure was totally possible!) We LOVE the pictures and have so many favorites we dont even know where to begin. We can't wait to have you with us this summer- I am sure our pictures will be phenomenal! Hope you both are well!

Jana - Super glad that you like them. We are here to help picking. Mike is feeling much better.

Johny & Mary @ Enchanted Woods ~ Delaware Lifestyle Photographer

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

Could these two be any cuter? I love seeing Johny and Mary every year. They are so much fun to photograph.


Sophie’s Portraits ~ Pennsylvania Mitzvah Photographer

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

Dare to be different!
Sophie is not your typical teen, so she did not care for the typical posy pre-shoot. Instead she wanted us to capture her doing what she likes most – play sports. And I believe she excels in all of them!
We loved working with her and meeting her sisters. It was so much fun.
We are looking forward to capturing her Bat Mitzvah at the Ritz Carlton in December.


The Weir Family ~ Judge Morris Estate ~ Delaware Portrait Photographer

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

What a great evening with a fun family!
We have a lot more fall engagement and family sessions coming up as well as wedding so keep coming back.


Ashley & Evan at Brandywine Battlefield ~ Pennsylvania Wedding Photographer

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

We loved working with Ashley & Evan. They were lucky with the weather a couple of weeks ago and Brandywine Battlefield is the perfect location in the late summer and fall.
Thank you for making the trip from NYC to work with us! We are looking forward to documenting your wedding next spring.

mike & jana

Nonnie & Joey at Chescaphe Ballroom ~ Pennsylvania Wedding Photographer

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

Everything is better in pink!
We had the best time working with Nonnie and Joey. We have formed quite a friendship over this wedding planning stuff….You just have to read their story bellow the photos to fall in love with these two!

Flowers II Fore Bianco
Ceremony Location St. Monica’s Church, Philadelphia
Portrait Location Second Bank
Reception Location Ceschaphe Ballroom
Hair/Makeup Duette Hair Design
Shoes My Glass Slipper
Dress: Mongolian dress Nana

You can view their slide show HERE

jana, john & alex

Joey and I met about 7 years ago, while I was still a pharmacy intern. I could not have envisioned at that time that he would be the man I would spend the rest of my life with, in fact I thought he was kind of annoying. After a few years I finally graduated and became a pharmacist. Joey and I would run into each other at quarterly meetings and just have small chats about how our stores were performing. Over the next few months, we would speak on the phone fairly regularly to discuss anything work related that we needed advice with and we forged a friendship. Anyone who has met Joey, knows that he is a jokester. Every time we would talk on the phone he would ask me out, I simply laughed it off assuming he was just kidding, as usual. One day after a work softball event, we went out for drinks and he expressed his feelings to me. When Joey called the bartender over for another round of drinks, he asked if we were a couple. Joey replied, “Not yet, we are just friends, but she’s going to marry me someday, she just doesn’t know it!”
One day as we were setting up for the grand opening of a new store, I remember him telling our boss that he keeps asking me out and I keep turning him down! So I decided that the next time he asked me out I was going to take him up on his offer. When he arrived at my parents’ home to pick me up for our first dinner date, he acted so nervous I was in shock. We went on several dates over the next few months and one night Joey told me he had a surprise for me. I knew it had just been a couple of months, so I knew it wasn’t a ring already. He presented me a pink, rhinestone key to his house and asked me if I wanted to move in with him. I was so shocked and excited I didn’t really know what to say. I was glad that it was pink, which is my favorite color, because it showed he obviously put a lot of thought into it. After several minutes of looking at the key, I said “YES!” After living together over the next several months, I asked him repeatedly if we could get a dog. I really wanted a yorkie, but Joey was not a “pet-person” and never had one as a child. He also never wanted a dog and said it was a lot of work and did not think we were ready for that yet. As our one year anniversary approached, my birthday was also right around the corner.

I was upset because my parents would not be home to celebrate with me and I love to celebrate my special day with my family and friends. Joey told me not to be disappointed, because it was still going to be an awesome birthday and he would make it his personal responsibility to make it the best birthday ever. On the day of my birthday barbecue at my parent’s house, Joey spent most of the day at our house, while I was hanging out by the pool relaxing and enjoying the sun. When he finally arrived, it was time to eat and enjoy the cake. When it was time to open my gifts, Joey insisted that I save his presents for last. As I opened my IPod touch, I thought to myself why did I have to wait for this? I had already opened the IPod touch case that my brother had given me twenty minutes earlier. Finally, one box remained! I opened the sealed box which was wrapped in pink wrapping paper, and as I opened it I was very excited because he had gotten me a Louis Vuitton bag! He truly did give me some amazing presents and I thought to myself, “This truly was a great birthday, just as he promised.” “Wait!”, he exclaimed, “It’s not done yet!” As he pulled my birthday card out of mid-air, he told me to open it and read it very carefully. I opened and began to read it, and it said to look inside the handbag and find a surprise and then turn the card over. As I was reading the card I was holding it in such a way that everyone watching me could see the question on the back. As my sister hurriedly searched for a camera, I embarked on my search into the bag for my surprise. I began to think in my head, what could it be? Maybe it was paperwork for my toy yorkie I had always wanted!?! As my mind raced and I could not find the “surprise” in the bag, Joey became more and more nervous and blurted out, “Nooo, it’s in there!” I looked in the hidden pouch and much to my amazement it was a beautiful diamond ring that Joey had custom made just for me with diamonds around the band, just as I told him I always wanted! As I turned, the card over, it read, ” Will you marry me?” I thought it wasn’t a real ring, because as I mentioned earlier he is a prankster and always joking around. I even said to him at the time, “Is this real? Is this a joke?” Joey was very anxious and said, “No it’s not a joke, soooo is that a yes? or a no? or a yes?” He got down on his knee and I gave him a giant hug and said yes of course!

Jasmine’s Bat Mitzvah at Grounds for Sculpture ~ New Jersey Mitzvah Photographer

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

We could not have asked to work with a nicer family! They planned a great celebration at Grounds for Sculpture in Princeton.
Thank You for including us. We are looking forward to working together in the future.

jana & mike

You can preview Jasmine’s slideshow HERE

Alex & Michael at St. Anthony in the Hills ~ Pennsylvania Wedding Photographer

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

Who said you need to be engaged to have your engagement photos captured? Alex has been our intern for almost two years and as a photography major at college, she was completely hooked on our style of photography. She wanted to get married so she could have wedding photos! Once Alex and Michael were more serious about their relationship as they both finished college, they started planning their life together. While they are planning to get engaged in the next few months (we would not want to jinx it though) we decided to surprise Alex and Michael with a pre-engagement session. They were thrilled! Alex had a great idea to style the session in the Great Gatsby style. She raided her grandmother’s attic and even made one of her dresses.
St. Anthony in the Hills located in Avondale, PA seemed like the perfect location with its broken down amusement park and a bonus mowed field. Over all a great experience for all of us. We love to watch Alex and Michael grow as individuals and watch their relationship blossom. We hope to be there to document their big day when it happens.

From Alex and Michael:
For our one year anniversary I knew we wanted to do a fun/ no traditional photo shoot. After some thought I remembered St. Anthoy’s in the hills, a dozen plus acres of outdoor family space, I actually learned to swim in the pool there and remember growing up and spending countless summer hours there. I’ve have always loved old stuff, old cars, old jewelry, and anything vintage inspired, so naturally we picked a great Gatsby theme for the shoot. I just love the genuine glamour of the 20s mixed with the abandoned yet beautiful scenery. St. Anthony’s was the perfect spot because it reminds me of the naturalistic movement in art history, in which nature fights back against man made structures. I am a photographer and was super nervous about being the center of attention, but when you have amazing artists, like Mike Kehr and Jana Banana behind the camera it was obvious from the start that they would and did work hard to make us comfortable. In the end it was an amazing day and way more fun then I could have ever imagined!
I can’t believe how great the photos are, I’ve never been photogenic and it means so much to me to finally have some really awesome photos of the two of us. It’s hard to pick which is my favorite, but I do really love the ones on the tractor and the ones on the picnic bench. I feel like both of these photos capture Michael and I simply enjoying each others company as we naturally do.

Alex said: Michael and I met through a mutual friend and our love for snow and snowboarding. I work in the only ski shop in DE so naturally when Michael came in to shop and visit a co-worker he caught my eye. I knew immediately he was the kind of guy I wanted to marry someday, cute, extremely goofy and understood/ appreciated my sarcasm. I asked him to go coffee, but we ended up at my favorite Mexican restaurant for margaritas (my fav). After we were done eating and drinking we stayed and talked for hours, only then realizing how much we had in common. He’s my best friend and I joke that I want to shrink him and take him everywhere with me.

From Michael: On our one year anniversary the love of my life Alex and I decided to do a Throw back to the 20’s themed photo shoot. The weather was great and Alex looked stunning! We couldn’t have asked for better weather or location to do our shot. Mike and Jana of MK Photography made the experience so wonderful, they made it so easy to be natural in front of the camera. We took so many wonderful photos, so it’s very hard for me to only pick one to be my favorite. But a few of them really stood out to me. We did a jumping photo where we stood atop of a hill and jumped into the air as high as we could. It captured Alex and I having fun and being a little goofy. We also did a photo where we are sitting on a large hay bale, the lighting and camera effect are amazing. The photo truly captured the love and embrace Alex and I feel for one another. The experience is one I will never forget, I look forward to doing another shoot again sometime in the future.

Alex truly means the world to me! She’s my best friend, the love of my life and the reason I have the biggest smile on my face every waking morning! When Alex and I first met I knew right from the get-go she was the one put here for me. I know the saying is “She’s my other half”, but I feel as though Alex is, we have so much fun together and always find a way to enjoy each other. I love to hear her laugh and to see her smile. Her smile makes me sit back and say WOW I can’t wait to marry this girl one day! I’m the luckiest guy in the world to have met Alex and I’m thankful for everything she is, wants to become and the way she loves me!

Jea & Jeff at Dilworthtown Inn ~ Pennsylvania Wedding Photographer

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

We believe that great things happen to great people. Even though hurricane Irene was lurking around the corner and prevented some of their guests from attending, Jea and Jeff hosted a wonderful intimate celebration at the Dilworthtown Inn. They enjoyed every minute of their day and it was a pleasure to be there documenting.

mike & jana