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Planning a beach wedding?

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

As a group of designers and artists, we are possibly as obsessed as they come when it has to do with branding.  Your wedding is the perfect debut of your “brand as a couple.  Lindsay & Matt’s special day represented them perfectly…the beach, the fishing flies, it was a beautiful and fresh theme of blues and pinks running through their day!  


Best of the Best Contest – Say Yes to the Dress…

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

It’s that time again. This month’s “Best of the Best” contest is: “Say Yes to the Dress…” The dress is such an important part of the wedding day, and there are so many choices – all beautiful. It was hard again to narrow it down to just three finalists! We selected a few of our favorites from this spring and summer weddings for their unique designs. Help us decide which one is the absolute favorite! Cast your vote in the comments box below and let us know which dress should be selected as the most unique.

The MK Photo Team


Mariana - It has to be #3!!! Beautiful dress!!

Mary Brady - I would like to vote for dress #3 - Manuel Mota for Pronovias

Rachel - I vote for dress #3! It is beautiful!!

Tracy Best - #3. Love the lace.

Joanne - #3 - Absolutely beautiful!!!

Crystal - Definitely #3 It is stunning!

Vanessa - I vote for #3 - She is beautiful in that dress!

Jana - Dress #3 is my favorite!

Dave - I'll vote for all the men and choose dress #3

Sandy - Dress #3 - It is beautiful

C Baselice - I vote for dress #3. Ah yo! It's beautiful.

Amy Nolan - I vote for #3 - the dress is almost as pretty as the bride!!!

Jillian - I vote #3! She looks incredible!

C D Colllins - #3 is the most gorgeous gown I've seen in a long time. Simply Elegant !!!

Laura - Its got to be #3!

regan - #1-simple, classic, amazing details. She looks stunning!

Jenn Bifano - I vote #1. It is the best and most elegant by far!

Kate - Definitely #1 - it's a classic beauty!

Mary - #1, the dress drapes so well and I like how simple and flowy it is, the bride looks breath-taking!

Jess - I like #1 the best, it is unique and elegant!

Erin - I vote #1!!! It is simply stunning.

Meredith - "say no" to #3! Dress #1 is one of the most elegant and timeless dresses I have ever seen. The detailing is simply beautiful.

Tia - I vote for #3. The detail of this dress is beautiful!

Jill - I think #2 is just beautiful. She looks stunning in it... and the back is amazing! I love the way it bustled too!

Heather - Definitely Dress #1! It is gorgeous and simple and the bride looks stunning.

Lisa - I would like to vote for dress #1. Stuninng!

Laura - #1 - classic. it accentuates the bride's beauty without overpowering her with frills

Kelly Farrell - I vote for dress #3, she looks beautiful!

Mark - #2!

Liz - Definitely #2. It's so classic.

m - I vote for #2!

mike - dress # 2 is the best

Chris - I vote #2. The dress is absolutely beautiful and she looks stunning in it.

Alex - I meant dress 2 picure 3 w/ the only dress w/ a train.

Joe - Dress 2 is the best by far.

Jon - #2 is the best by far!

Brian - #2 Very Elegant looking

KCO - #2, it's timeless, elegant, and modern.

Earl - It's a no brainer. #2 all the way.

Rob C. - Dress #2 is the nicest dress.

Dara - Dress #2 - love it!

Liz - #2. Stunning!

Walter - Dress #2 is the winner!

Wendy L. - I vote #2. The best dress should not just have the pretty details on dress itself. I feel #2 have the best feeling while Bride wear that and taking picture with her husband.

Dipali - Absolutely love dress number 1!!! Stunning!!

Molly - Number 3, Manuel Mota is the best!

Christina - Dress #2!! Beautful!

jess - #2...Fabulously Stunning!

Cindy - #3 has my vote - gorgeous!

Karen and Ken - Dress #3 Absolutely Stunning!!!

Donna - Dress #3, timeless beauty

Scott - Dress # 3 is the best

Melisa - #2!!

Kara - I say yes to dress #2!

Alison - I vote for #3. Very beautiful dress.

Kelly - I vote for #3 Very Elegant

Erin - I vote for dress 1. The details are exquisite.

Smarti - Number 3 for sure. My wife looks absolutely stunning!

Tracy - Definitely #2- the dress is stunning!!

Jenn - #1-Just enough beading to let the bride's beauty shine through!

MJ - #3 - AWESOME!!!

Molly - #2 is definately the best!

RG - They all look great but I am going to have to go with #3.

Mark - All three of them are hot. My vote is for No. 2, I love the bust line.

Mitch - Definitely #2 - nice train.

Alexander - #2 a million times.

bb - #2 - The bride is beautiful and so is the dress!!

jodi - #2 by far...same designer as my dress! Love it!

angelique - i wish I could see more of #1. But I LOVE the bustle on #2

veda - Dress #2 - elegant dress

yv - #2 is the Best- Bride, Back, Beads, Bustle, just plain Beautiful!

Mark - Dress #3 gets my vote. The elegance is stunning.

Carolyn - I vote for dress #3. Many styles and use of beautiful lace. The dress is constructed in a graceful pose.

Julie - Dress #2!!

Rebecca - Dress number 1 is so classic. I love the way it both hugs the body and flows with movement. Definietely #1!!

Adrienne - I love #2. Both the dress and bride are beautiful!!

Caroline - Dress #1 is the epitome of elegance, modernity and simplicity. The bride is stunning.

Joe - #2 is the winner!

Jessica - #2 Is awesome!!! Such an amazing dress.

Daria - I vote for #2...the most beautiful dress!

Scott - #2 wow... shes the best

Alexandra - Dress #1 gets my vote.

Katie - Dress #1 for sure.

Krishna - Dress #2 is timeless and elegant!

Steven - I vote for Dress #2. Lovely!

ryan - I vote for dress number 2, it is beautiful

Theresa - It has to be #2, the back is amazing!

George - Number 2, she looks beautiful

Lisa - I vote for #2, the bride and dress look fantastic!

Katie - Dress #2!

Julie - I vote #2! Beautiful!!

Mary - I vote for bride #2-incredibly chic!

Laura - I vote for dress #3 the dress has adopted to her beauty and she has given the dress its greatest compliment for its design.

Sean W - #2. Elegant, modern, sophisticated chic. She doesn't look dated or too frilly, simply beautiful.

Meg - I vote for dress #3! It's the best. It's Unique and Elegant.

Dana - Dress #2. The bride looks like royalty!

Lauren - i would like to cast my vote for dress number 2, the Monique Lhuillier.

Jennifer - Definitely #3. It's beautiful!

Sandy - I vote for #2

Malte - #2 without a doubt. It is a classic!

Lisa Dolan - #3 is so very beautiful. #3 is absolutely my vote.

Ashley - I vote for #2 - Absolutely Beautiful

Jeff - I love Monique Lhuillier, but #1 wins here.

Erica - #2 is beautiful. Classic but unique, and she looks amazing.

Ben - Not even close, #2 takes it.

Andrea - #3 is Stunning. I love it!

Katy - #2 definitely! So beautiful.

Vivian - I love #2! Classic, gorgeous!

Kate - My vote is for #2 because it is so unique with the cut out of the back.

Chris - Far and away #2... She looks just like how I'd want my bride to look on our wedding day.

Andrea Prado - #3 Is an absolutely amazing dress on an absolutely amazing bride. The two compliment each other.

Shela - #3 without a doubt...The dress is a classic beauty and so is the bride!

shayna - My vote is for #2 - That's the designer I want for my dress!

Meg - A millions times 2. What a beautiful bride!

Mike - #2 is the nicest dress by far

Tugce - Definitely #2. gorgeous!!!!

Emily - #2 is by far the most beautiful. Absolutly stunning.

Vivian - #2 is my FAVORITE. It has an elegant charm with a sexy surprise in the back.

Paula - I vote for #3. Very lovely with beautiful detail

Nikki - DEFINITELY #2... its gorgeous!

Lauren - # 2, its absolutely gorgeous!!

Jamie - #2. Everything about it from the neckline to the collar to the back and the bustle is unique yet classic.

Dorothy - #2 is the most beautiful!!

Missy - I vote #2!

Joe - My vote is for #3

Jess - I would have to pick #3

Kevin - I vote for #3 and I would like to wear this dress myself at my wedding.

Aziz - I vote #2!

Patricia - Number 2 is the best.

Denise - #2 is just divine.

Nicole - #2 is so elegant.

Learned Hand - contest

Dave - #2!

Cathy - Dress #3 is exquisite - it has my vote!

Connie - #3 is definitely the right choice!

Coleen - #3 is beautiful!

Constance - #3 is the best.

Joanna - Love #2!

Kai - No. 2 is the bestest! Ever.

John - Definitely #2.

Quon - Numero Dos.

Lauren K. - #3! beautiful!

Craig - Beautiful dress #2

David L. - I vote for #2

Amanda - #2

Katie - #2 -- it's soo beautiful!!

Thomas - #3 is beautiful and elegant!

Marilyn Cruz - I vote for dress #3!!! It's a beautiful dress!!

pat - beautiful brideand dress#2

JL - #2 is gorgeous! Front, back and bustle. Stunning!

Carroll - #2 is the most elegant

Andy Concha - #2 - Liz's Monique Lhuillier gown is stunning. It's great detail makes each picture stand apart from the other dresses because it perfectly reflect's Liz's happiness and style.

Erica - #2 ... absolutely beautiful. Love the back and it is just so elegant and classic!

Karen Kennedy - Number three is the best

Trish - #3 - Hands down ... gorgeous!

Joanne - #3 gets my vote. It's the most unusual and it looks stunning too!

Lynne Shapiro - I vote for dress #2.

Betty - I LOVE #2. IT is beautiful.

Jamal - #2 enough said.

Karla - NUMBER 2!

Jordan - #2 all the way! best dress i've ever seen!

Robin - #2 is lovely

Sarah - Definitely #2! She looks amazing!

Laura - Dress #2 is gorgeous! She looks beautiful!! :)

Candace - Beautiful dress- Dress #2

Kath - I vote # 2!!

Barbara & Bob - #2-- Breathtaking!

Mike - Say Yes to #2 - What a train!

Rina - #2 is stunning

Nancy Tamez - I pick #2 The dress is beautiful

Coco - #3 - stunning #2 - so so

kathy - #2 is great

Susan - Love #2

sandra - sandra - without a doubt dress #2! it is beautiful!

Alan - I like #2, the treatment of the back and the train is pure elegance.

Katie - Vote for number 2

Zoe E. - #2- what a hottie!

walt #2 - love the veil

Kiki - I vote for #2. It's gorgeous.

Sandy - #2 for sure!! It's absolutely gorgeous!!!

Michael Corrigan - I have to vote for #3 she looks gorgeous in that dress. Good luck!

Lynn S. - I love dress #2. She makes a stunning bride!

Erica - #2 is the winner by far.

Christine - Dress #2 is my favorite!

Sean - Dress #2 ROCKS!!!

Chris - #2 is the best by far

John - I vote for #2. Beautiful!

Rosalie - #2 is the best...old world elegance with simple sophistication.

JJF - Wow #2...very pretty

barbara - #2 is very feminine and unique.

Linda - I vote for #2!!!

matt - #2

Hope - #2 is fabulous!

Jennifer - Dress#3 - Classic and Gorgeous!

Suzanne - Dress#3 - By far the most beautiful!

Tawny - #3 - Dress#3 Gets My Yes!

Joni - Dress #2 gets my vote! Stunning!!

Emily - Dress #2

Trudy - Trudy - dress #2 is exquisite. Cutout on the back accentuated her trim figure.

Sarah - I vote for #2.

Stephanie - #2 - Classic!

Jim - #2 is the best by far!

Linda Bader - Dress #2--Liz looks absolutely beautiful!!!

Mary - My vote is #2 - romantic and feminine and graceful

carla - #2 is my choice...beautifully constructed, gorgeous the train

Allie - #2! #2!

Gordon Christie - I vote for Liz H her dress is perfect & she looks great too!

Joe - my wife told me to vote for #2...and she's always right!

Nina - I absolutely love #2. That's what a bride should look like. Amazing.

Sharon - Dress #2 is my favorite!

JAG - #2 is the best by far! Great look!

Phil - #2. Classy.

Brooke - My vote is for #1

Lisa T. - Love #2!!

KS - Dress #2 is absolutely beautiful.

Marty Pippitt - Yes.... who is #2.... that is my vote. i believe that a smile can change the world. I think it is #2....

Jackie - I choose #3. It's so elegant, the lace is gorgeous.

tamez - 100% #2

Virginia Anthony - #3 is definitely the most beautiful. There is no comparison.

Tara - #2, beautiful and elegant

antnio Coppola - #2 Il vestito e' elegantissimo,guarda il fondo schiena e poi la putea e' raggiante come la luce del sole.

Jennifer - Definitely #3 - so classic and stunning!

Nadine - Dress #2 classically beautiful

Pat Ainsworth - I vote for dress #2 It is lovely

Julie - Absolutely #2...Gorgeous!

dennis dolan - #3 is by far the best

Maria - Dress#3 is absolutely Gorgeous! Love the back! And of course the Bride is Gorgeous!

Gloria Fpradpro - #2,Liz' dress and veil were the most beautiful of the three.

Giorgio - Close contest, all elegant but given the choice, it's #2.

Nadine - Dress #2 is so classically beautiful it has to be the best.

christina - Dress 2 - unique and elegant

mary - #2 is awesome!

Neil - #2-exquisite!

Jenni - #2, beautiful!

Lauren - Dress #2, classic and elegant.

Deidra - I vote for dress #3 - it is absolutely beautiful!

Mehdi - Number 2 is the clear winner

Lori - #2 is a gorgeous dress! It is hands-down the most beautiful!!!!

Zach - #2 is the best!!!

Maggie - #2 is the prettiest for sure!

Jamie - DEFINITELY #2!!!Its beautiful!!

rachel langan - #2.

Marie O'Connor - #3 absolutely gorgeous! Definitely the most beautiful!

Tashia M. - Dress #3 is fabulous!

Steve B. - Dress #2. No question.

08.22.08    Trini, Josh & Ari

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

We love when couples are up for anything! Josh and Trini agreed to our crazy plan to photograph their engagement session at an old, broken down factory. They didn’t mind all the weeds and ruins everywhere. We all had so much fun, and Trini and Josh said that it felt “like we were in a photo shoot for a a cool magazine. I think we both fulfilled our secret inner desire to act like we are high fashion models.” Trini’s daughter Ari had a blast too.
The couple will be married in May, 2010 in Philadelphia. Congratulations! We are looking forward to your wedding day.

mike & Jana











Trini - Hi Mike and Jana Josh and I just wanted to let you that we had so much fun yesterday! We felt like we were in a photo shoot for a a cool magazine. I think we both fulfilled our secret inner desire to act like we are high fashion models. Lol! You guys were great. It was nice to see your passion for photography with the excitement you guys expressed about finding a new place to shoot. Can't wait to see the pictures! Trini

Eva - Trini and Josh... We've been friends for a LONG time and I am so happy for you guys! Your pics look great and your only problem now is choosing! Love you guys! Eva

Rolanda - Dear Trini, You are absolutely beautiful! This was a wonderful and eventful way of coming out for your engagement! And what a hunk! I wish you both everlasting love and romance as true to form as these wonderful pictures you both have taken. Your daughter is enjoying her ten minutes of fame. She's beautiful as well. (smile) God Bless!

Laly & Frank - Hi Trin, Josh & Ari! I'm so exicited for you guys. The pics are absolutely surprise you guys are gorgeous. I wish you all the best and i'm looking forward to the wedding & Frank & I will be trailing right behind. Trin you deserve nothing but the best and i'm so happy you found it. Love you amiga!

08.16.08     Lindsay & Matt

Monday, August 25th, 2008

The weather was perfect last Saturday.  Lindsay and Matt couldn’t have asked for a better day to have their outdoor ceremony at Rehoboth Beach Country Club.  The blues and greens in the colors went perfectly with the amazing backdrop and the splashes of hot pink in the flowers were stunning.  Since both Matt and Lindsay’s dad are fly fisherman, there were fishing flies in each boutonniere and on the invitations!  Lindsay is the first of four daughters in her family to tie the knot.  The connection between Lindsay and Matt was beautiful.  It was an emotion-filled day, with the perfect full moon ending.Congratulations!

 Enjoy Hawaii! 

mike, Angelique, Pete & Ryan  0851_bride.jpg









And the winner of July’s Best of the Best Contest – “The Cutest Flower Girl” is…

Monday, August 25th, 2008

Hope from image #2 by one vote!
She was the flower girl for Ashlee and Tim’s wedding on September 9, 2007 at Rehoboth Country Club.
Thank you everyone for voting. A new contest is coming shortly, make sure to check back.


Paige - Yay. Number 2 won. the cutest of them all. ")

08.16.08    Kerry & Alfred

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

Kerry and Alfred chose the wonderful Curtis Center in Philadelphia for their wedding day and Joe Volpe of Chescaphe provided amazing food and decorations. The favors were such a cute idea – the note about the donation that the couple made had wild flower seeds imbedded in the paper!
Jellyroll kept guests dancing all night.

Kerry and Al were such a pleasure to work with all day. Congratulation! Enjoy your honeymoon.

Jana & Jess










Kerry - Jana & Jess, you were great! We had dreaded taking the pictures and having to pose, but you made it so much fun--plus the pictures are amazing! Everyone around the office that I'm showing them to is raving! We can't say enough nice things about you and our experience. We can't wait to get back from the honeymoon and work on the album! Thanks again! Kerry

Adrienne and Mark

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

Andrienne and Mark what a great time we had! I felt so comfortable around the two of you! And I felt the feeling was mutual. It was a beautiful Sunday morning at Winterthur. Thanks for choosing us to a part of your special day! The two of you look great! I can’t wait to see you in your dress! Andrienne and Mark will be married on June 27th, 2009 at The Lake House Inn in Perkasie, PA.









Mike - Mike and Jana, OH MY GOSH!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!! WE LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE PICTURES!!! You and Mike did such a wonderful job!! You made us look so great! You are both such talented photographers. I have seriously written down almost every single picture for us to keep! I will get in touch with you soon!! Thank you again for such an amazing engagement shoot! Adrienne

Michele - As the Mother of the Bride, we are so pleased with the engagement photos! This is just a prelude to the wedding day! We couldn't be more excited about having you as our photographer:-)

Mary & Matt

Friday, August 15th, 2008

Mary and Matt are getting married next May at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia, but they absolutely love the beach so that is where we headed for their engagement session yesterday. The weather stayed nice even though is stormed back at home. The light was perfect. Even Oliver – the couples Yorkie mix enjoyed posing for photos.
We walked on the beach, ate pizza and ice cream, and had a lot of fun at the amusement park. I can’t wait to start working on the design of Matt and Mary’s engagement sign-in album. Congratulations! It was great working with you.

Jana and Ryan
Mike’s son assisted me on the shoot.










Beth - Love the photos!... and not just because the couple is my brother and future sister-in-law. ;-) As always Jana, your work is beautiful!

Mary - I couldn't be happier with the photos. Thank you so much, Jana and Ryan! Good thing my future sister-in-law, Beth, has good taste and referred us to you! :)

08.03.08    Mary Kaye & David

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

Check out all the fun Mary Kaye and David had during their engagement session. We went to the Brandywine Battlefield in Chadds Ford since David loves history.
And how about some tasty ice cream form Woodside Farm to finish up a great photo session. We love when couples are up for an adventure. It creates excellent photo opportunities.
Mary Kaye and David will be married at the Villanova Chapel and host their reception at the Ballroom at the Ben in early December.
Congratulations! We can’t wait to capture your day.

Mike and Jana







kristin @ the fairmount bride - Love your work!

08.02.08    Jamie & Jeff

Monday, August 11th, 2008

Location: DuPont Country Club – Wilmington, DE
Reception: Crystal Ballroom at DuPont Country Club
Band: Kristen and the Noise
Congratulations to the happy couple and their families!

Mike, Jeff & Elena










Kristen - AMAZING Work!!! Just beautiful! I'm a fan :)

Jamie - We could not be happier with the photos. Mike, you and your team did a phenomenal job. Not only are we extremely pleased with the results, but we thoroughly enjoyed working with you while the photos were being taken. You documented some wonderful memories for us, and we greatly appreciate it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Annie S Yaros - MK did such an awesome job for my daughter's Bat Mitzvah .... coordinated by EBE Entertainment 's Experienced Elaine Igoe ,Starr's awesome catering and Artesano Gallerie .... ... After personally dealing with the professionals at MK , I am even more motivated to be thinking about who may be the groom in my own next wedding to fall in love after him with the Wedding Photos !