Our Team

Within minutes of meeting us you will be able to sense how much we care about our couples and their wedding day. Even more evident, is our true passion for photography. We are the kind of people that love to go outdoors and shoot even when we are not working. We REALLY have fun doing what we do.

We love life, good food, relationships, pets and find great reward in just making people happy! We will discover the true essence of you while capturing the unique story of your day in a style that is both creative and contemporary. We capture real emotions and special moments without disruption to the natural flow of your day.

Our photojournalistic style and fashion forward approach make us one the most sought after studios in the area. The end result - an experience from start to finish that you will never ever forget! Our award winning, artistic photographs and albums will take you back to your wedding day for years to come with the same emotion and joy as if it were yesterday!

Team Collage

My passion and love for the creative arts started when I was a child. I always enjoyed building and creating things. There was never a time that I did not have a project going or creating something. My first notable accomplishment, a really cool dog house for our first dog. I was only 5! As i grew up and got older my creativity got more intense, my skills more refined. Stuff I made and designed had to "look" good too. I remember taking a picture with my dads camera of my cute girlfriend in 3rd grade and thinking WOW ,this is so much FUN. My passion(here we go again) in my teen years was intensely listening to music and wondering how a particular song was recorded. How did they create that sound? That desire to record music turned into a 20 year career in the music industry. My dream to become a recording engineer came true. I made great relationships throughout my career as aa engineer and technician, working alongside many musicians that were as passionate as I was. I also learned how to be a people person and how to accommodate the needs and desires of the many talented people I was working with. I knew what they wanted and how to make them happy!

Getting back to the creative & visual arts…. that picture of my childhood girlfriend started me on a lifetime desire to always take pictures. Whenever and wherever I traveled I made sure I had my camera gear in my backpack, always waiting for the best light and scene when making a landscape image. The composition had to be just right and in the latter process I made the image take on new life in my home darkroom. Yeah I built that too :) The first time i witnessed the images slowly appearing on the photo paper as i moved it around in the chemical tray. It was magic! That serious amateur hobby turned into career change, from music to photography a life changing experience that turned into a creative, challenging and passionate profession in 2002.

When capturing a persons emotion I always look for and anticipate that unique slice of time when I press the shutter. I want to capture that "off" moment that people rarely see. I also want to incorporate a sense of style in my photographs utilizing my visual eye for fashion and my keen sense of design. I want my styled photographs to look beautiful. Everybody wants to look good, right? My philosophy as a photographer and avid people person is to create the very best images and relationships that I can implementing all the tools I have acquired along the way. To be able to fulfill the desire and needs of my valuable clients is my goal.  I get great reward out of being a part of a family celebration on one of the most important days of their lives. Documenting moments, creating beautiful images, and pleasing clients is what inspires me. The ultimate reward for me is when I see the emotional faces, the joy of the couple as they view their wedding art book. Every image and each page turn tells a part of their story, reminding them of the best days of their lives! I moved them… I made a difference in their lives. It moves me as well and I feel very good at the end of the day.

Originally from the Czech Republic, Jana has been involved in photography for almost ten years. She studied at the Delaware College of Art and Design and exhibited in group and individual shows in Vermont and in Prague, Czech Republic.

With extensive background in fine art photography, Jana’s attention to detail and careful composition allow her to capture unforgettable moments with a fresh approach. Her images reveal the inner feeling and beauty of the subjects. She is a careful observer, and her unobtrusive style enables her to create dynamic images full of poise, emotion, and energy.

Jana joined the team in 2003 as an assistant, and since then she has photographed over a hundred weddings with MK Photo. Jana is currently the only associate photographer at the studio. When not photographing weddings on her own or assisting Mike, Jana is responsible for postproduction, image management, and for album design in the studio.

On a personal note, Jana graduated magna cum laude from Wilmington University in 2008 earning a degree in Middle Level Science and Math Education.