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It’s that time Again… Vote for which RING has the most BLING!

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

It’s June already and this months contest is all about rings. The largest, best designed and most original! We selected these three final images from dozens and dozens of ring shots that we have photographed on the wedding day. Let us know what you think. We will reveal the winner in July!


Stephanie - #3 is gorgeous.

rachel langan - LOVE LOVE LOVE #3! Loved #1 also but #3 is very unique so it gets my vote.

Tracie - Yup, me too! #3! Although #1 is a CLOSE second!

Jessica - Definitely #3!

Jill - #1

And the winner of April’s Craziest Dance move is…..

Monday, June 16th, 2008

#3 “The Break”     Dancer-unknown
Thanks for everyone who voted it was a clear winner with over 100 votes!

Look for another contest real soon in June, The RING with the most BLING!

Tim - The dancer is Jeff Carney, the bride's cousin. This was at Carissa and Jason's (both in the picture) wedding. Congratulations!

Christen - What does he win????

Photo Contest- Pick your favorite photo!

Friday, April 18th, 2008

We have so many unique, funny, beautiful and….. well you tell us what you think… Photographs. Just comment on what photo you like best and at the end of each month we will let you know what you picked as the best image of the month. This Months Contest Category is “The Craziest Dance Move” Every month we will be featuring and different category. We are also open to your ideas; what contest category would you like to see. Please let us know and include your ideas in your comments. We can’t wait to hear from you.

Karen - # 2 is great!

Carissa - The faces on #3 are awesome! Ha!

Patrick - I love the break in #3

Christen - You can't beat a good break, and check out the crowd...they LOVE it! My vote is for #3!

Nicole - Definitely #3! Jeff's dance move is awesome... and I love that Jason looks like he is gonna jump right through Jeff's legs!!

Tim - Go #3! What a shot!

Heather - #3 is my fave! He can really move!

Nancy - What a crotch shot! I love #3

Dennis - There's only one choice! Definitely #3!!!

Peggy - #3 for sure!! Gotta love the break dance!!

Jason - Number 3 "break" dances circles around the others. I love the worm action and all the reactions from the crowd. That photo is amazing!

Kelly - LOVE #2! This page is gorgeous, Mike!

Cathi - Love #3, I should have invited this guy to my wedding!

Sandra - Gotta be the "gator"!

Jeanne - I love the groom's face in #3! It's got my vote!

Beth - #3 is the clear winner!!!

Christine - #2 without a doubt - soooo unique!!

Coming Soon! Best of the Best!

Thursday, June 28th, 2007

You will love this! We will be choosing images that are the most fun, the craziest, most romantic etc. And we will also be looking for best ring,(bling,bling,bling) sexiest shoes, beautiful dresses, unique hair and veil styles, most handsome groom(GQ man). And just about everything that is unusual and outragious! And yes, lots of kid pics from our weddings, funny, cute and just downright adorable.

Lori - When is best of the best coming?

Jen - I can't wait!

Jen - Sounds fun!