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Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy 1st Anniversary to You, Svetlana & Jordan!
The mkPhoto Team is honored to present this very Special, very Lovely Wedding.


Winter Wonderland at the Old Summer House
From the Bride:
It was an early Sunday morning in August, waking up next to the wood stove at my best friends house after spending the night. She had asked me to come to church with her and her family, as I have been here before and really enjoyed it. I was really tired and not feeling the greatest that morning, but agreed to go with them.. Little did I know saying yes to her would change my life forever. This is where I would be starting the rest of my life.

My friend asked if I could hold the her baby as she had to use the restroom, so as I stand in the lobby waiting for her in a sea of people, this guy walks over to me and says hi and starts taking with me. I have met him once or twice before but really we were nothing more than social media friends. So we talked for a couple mins or so and then that was it. The thing I didn’t know was that he just drove through the night from Ohio after playing a conference to be back for this Sunday and was in the same boat as me, tired and not feeling well and not really wanting to be there but rather be sleeping. Another thing I had no clue about was he went over to my friend and asked if I was single because he didn’t know my situation really at all.

So my friend then tells me this, of course right before service starts and then all I can think about is some guy asked my friend if I was single, great! I honestly thought that is where it would end, but no he actually did contact me later that day and asked if I would be his date for his best friends wedding. Wow, what a ‘first date’. I was completely caught off guard and wasn’t sure if I wanted to pursue this and just be let down after just going to a wedding with him. But after talking with my mom and dad and praying a lot about this, I told him I would go and thought it would be a lot of fun, secretly telling myself that so I didn’t get too excited or expectant of anything.

So obviously a first date to a wedding is a little much and intimidating, so we decided to go on a rear ‘first date’ and have breakfast together and get to know each other. Well don’t you know, we had breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He says he knew then that he was going to marry me. So we went on our second date and talked a lot more and at the end of the date he politely and so sweetly asked if he could kiss me, well that is when I just knew I was going to marry this man.

So we dated and got to know each other for about 2 months, living 2 hours apart was really difficult, so we’d almost always meet in West Chester, the halfway point. We always tried dinner at new places and walked and talked and just had so much fun getting to know each other. After that we almost always went to this little adorable gelato shop on main street with a small intimate court yard on the side. It was a perfect end to the evening always.

So on November 5th, we were meeting at West Chester per usual, and we started walking around town because he kept saying he was hungry yet let’s keep walking… So we get up to the Gelato Shop and there is a beautiful table and chairs with beautiful gold candles and champagne. We stop and look, he says to me I did this for you, because I know you are leaving for Russia this week and wanted to do something special, I was so confused. Then he grabs both my hands and gets down on one knee and goes on to give a wonderful will you marry me speech and how much he loves me.

Being a wedding photographer, I have seen my fair share of weddings and had a pretty good idea of what I wanted our wedding to be like. My vision was to have our friends and family come together and share our best day with us and just celebrate. Coming from an artistic family we were able to do everything we wanted and dreamed of with the help of everyone of our family members. From the designing of my wedding dress down to my mom doing all the flowers and food that we had envisioned. I was going for a timeless/rustic elegant feel.

We wanted our friends and family to leave the wedding with memories of hope, joy, and love.

Some of our favorite moments were planning this massive yet elegant wedding with hundreds of our friends and family in just 3 short months. Designing our own wedding invitations. Designing my own wedding dress exactly how I always pictured it growing up and seeing it finished and absolutely perfect. The first look in the beautiful snow covered terrain. Coming in from a freezing cold snow covered ground to a beautiful, chandelier hanging, candle covered 100′ tables that friends could enjoy family style dinning and community. Having my mom cook one of my favorite homemade meals for 250 people. Dancing the night away with my dad to some of our families most cherished Jewish celebration song. Being surrounded by our most loved people in our lives was one of the best memories that we will never forget.”

First dance: John Forman- Hold you in my arms
Video: CinemaFour40
Photography: mk & jb for mkPhoto, Sarah & Tony for Sarah DiCicco Photography
Ceremony: Lancaster Theological Seminary – 555 W James St Lancaster pa 17603
Reception Location: The Old Summer House
Bridal Party Portraits Location: Cloister
Rentals: Authentic Auction Rentals Bride’s note: “These ladies are the nicest ladies and they are sooo inexpensive!”

Chair rentals: Eagle Rental
Cake & Desserts: Lancaster Cupcake
Other desserts: Bride’s Aunts
Catering: Bride’s mother
Flowers: Bride’s mother (Flowers By Galina)

Bride’s Outfit:
Shoes- Jcrew
Jewelary: Jcrew
Dress- Bride’s design- seamstress
Fur coat- from russia

Bridesmaid dresses: From everywhere
Nieman marcus

Groom’s Outfit:
Suit: Saks 5th ave
shoes: aldo
watch: Emporio armani

Groomsmen’s suits: H&M

VIDEO: Svetlana and Jordan by CinemaFour40