from our popular Holiday MiniSessions ~ mkPhotography, Pennsylvania Family Photographer

Beautifully dressed children in their hand-selected miniature outfits.
Mother’s lips against the brand new skin of a brand new baby.
Mommy and Daddy coaching their little ones to Look at the Camera!
Sweet little girl squealing as she tosses an arm full of crunchy leaves into the air.
Hesitant baby boy contemplates the world around him, holding SUCH an expression!
The candid moments captured in between formals where baby and mom’s guards are down but the lens is still up.

These are a few of our favorite things!

Thank you to all of the 2014 Holiday MiniSession families! You make our hearts swell in the wee hours while we edit, remembering our time spent coaxing smiles from your little ones and laughing at some of the wonderfully unexpected moments young children bless us with. Thank you for sharing your time and your families with us! We had a fantastic group this year and we look forward to watching everyone grow in 2015, and beyond!