Elissa and Connor @Greenville Country Club ~ mkPhotography, Delaware Wedding Photographer

The Dress
From the Bride:
“I wore a vintage wedding dress that my great-great-aunt Margaret Costello made in 1906. She was an apprentice for a Parisian designer in Philadelphia, and she imported the lace from France and sewed it together herself. The dress was passed down through the family – I was the fifth person to be married in it! When the dress was originally sewn, it had long sleeves and a large collar around the neck. By the time my mom wore it, the sleeves had been shortened and she added a piece of ribbon around the waist.

For my alterations we took the dress to Debbie Wells at Sewly Yours Bridal in Burlington, Vermont. She took the sleeves and high collar off the dress, refashioned a dainty lace neckline, and added some vintage buttons up the back of the dress. I decided to add a sage colored silk sash with a big bow in the back, put white flowers in my hair and wore dark brown Frye boots.

I was unbelievably comfortable the whole day and it was incredible to know that the dress had so much family history and that so much love had been celebrated in it!”

Some Special Wedding Details:
“I knew the wedding would be perfect as long as the weather was nice, since we were married in a garden. We had a huge thunderstorm the night before, but it cleared up and we had a beautiful, sunny day with fluffy white clouds in the sky.
Our table numbers were maps of places Connor and I have travelled to or lived in together – like Crested Butte, CO (where we lived during summers in college); Burgundy, France (where we went on a cycling/wine drinking tour); and Philadelphia, PA (where we bought our first home). The flowers were set into vintage family silver pieces. It was fun to see my grandmother’s cocktail shaker on one table and Connor’s grandmother’s tea set on another. It reminded us that the wedding wasn’t only about us, it was also the joining of two wonderful families together.

We had a display set up on the piano with pictures of everyone who had worn the dress before me – my great-great-aunt Margaret, my great-aunt Sissie, my aunt Trish, my mom and a picture of me too. My mom also had a small book made detailing the history of the dress that our guests could read. It was pretty amazing that the dress has survived so long so we wanted to highlight that.

Most Memorable Wedding Moment:
“The most memorable moment from my wedding day was probably the exchange of rings. The jeweler had recommended that we size the rings up to be sure they would slide on easily the day of the wedding, but I wanted it to fit snugly (I have a tendency to lose rings easily). When Connor went to put the ring on me, I could see in his eyes he was afraid it wouldn’t fit – but it went on fine, and he gave a Tiger Woods-esque celebratory gesture with a loud ‘Yes!’ Everybody laughed, and it brought lightheartedness to the whole ceremony.

The most fun part of the day, though, was cutting the cake. We had a traditional French wedding cake called a croquembouche, which is basically a bunch of profiteroles dipped in caramel and stacked into a tower. It is a tradition to cut the top of the cake off with a sword, and we hadn’t practiced at all. We totally whiffed the first time, so we overcompensated for the second swing… and about twenty profiteroles ended up on the floor! It was hilarious and strangely satisfying to chop the cake into pieces with a sword.”

Advice to Future Brides:
“Try to involve your husband-to-be with as little detail as possible. He may care whether the wedding is in Delaware and not in Colorado, but I promise you he does not care whether the table linens are white or ivory! Also, you have so many of those little details to decide on that you shouldn’t obsess over them. Just make a decision and go with it – all eyes will be on you anyway, and not on the white table linens.”

Some details:
Venue: Greenville Country Club
Florist: Sweet Peas of Jennersville
Music: CTO’s 5th Avenue
Hair and Makeup: Salon 828
First Dance: “Just the Way You Are” by Billy Joel

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