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Blushing pink bridesmaids dresses and unique and thoughtful reception details really tied this effortlessly refined late summer Greenville wedding together. Kristi, one of our most alluring brides of 2013, wore an absolutely enchanting custom-made gown by Italian designer Peter Langner.

From the Bride:
“I was not one of those girls who fantasized about their wedding as a little girl. As a little girl, I fantasized about my future husband and my future children and creating a perfect life. I wanted to become the perfect wife and then the perfect mother, and practiced and took notes from others who I admired as I was growing up. When I met Jonathan, I instantly knew that he was the ‘perfect husband’ for me; he is soft, gentle, kind-hearted and has the same silly sense of humor and zest for life that I feel like I have always had.

That being said, it was a perfect moment when he asked if I would be his wife and share in all of the joys in life that we have always talked about doing together with each other. The moment he proposed was very romantic; it took place in our favorite quaint small town of Saint Michaels, Maryland on our boat. Even after he proposed and we returned home from our vacation, I hadn’t really had a -vision- about our wedding per se; I had faith that things would perfectly fall into place.

When it came time to design all of the details about the wedding I began to think about what elements would capture the two of us and what came to mind was something ‘timeless’ and ‘romantic’. A lover of details, I began scouring the internet for precious, sweet, romantic ones. A soft pink palette was my first decision and from there things began evolving. Once we had decided on our venue, the gorgeous one-of-a-kind Greenville Country Club, the theme really started taking form. The Club’s gorgeous setting in the hills of Greenville gave me the inspiration to have a garden-themed wedding with lots of flowing, natural flowers. I have always loved very feminine details so the blush bow theme was carried throughout. Petals of Greenville took my vision and used their expertise to deliver the most enviable flower display I have ever seen.

At the end of the wedding day the only thing that mattered to me was creating the loving and romantic atmosphere that would grace the start of our new lives together. In following through with that promise Jonathan and I picked everything out together. He will tell you that he got tired of viewing strangers’ weddings on my iPhone, birdcages on Etsy and even escort cards and programs, but it was important to me that he felt included and very much a part of the best and first day of the rest of our lives as man and wife. So, my perfect wedding vision was simple: a theme that was timeless, classic, romantic and enveloped my love for him and our love for each other.

What was the most memorable moment from my wedding day? I don’t know that I could name one. There were many and I will mention them all, as they are equally special and relevant to me.

The first memorable moment for me was when I woke up the day of the wedding. Like most couples, Jonathan and I spent the evening apart from one another. It was more of a tradition than it was something that made sense to both of us but we did it anyway. From the time we had started dating two and a half years prior to that morning we had not spent even one single night away from one another! Thus it was a very memorable feeling the morning of our wedding when I woke up and he was not there. I did not sleep well! I had a pit in my stomach from missing him! I couldn’t eat! Couldn’t imagine never waking up to him. I just had a longing for waking up beside him and whispering in his ear ‘today we get married’. If I had to do it over we would share the night before our wedding together, alone and in private. I don’t recall or share this memory because I was sad, sleep deprived, starving and feeling abandoned. I recall this memory because it strongly reinforced the inseparable love and commitment we have to one another and no better first day to recognize this than the morning of our wedding.

The next most memorable moment, and I think my bridesmaids and groom could probably guess, is the letter that Jonathan sent to my bridal suite. It began with a card that simply read ‘I think you’re pretty neat’. No ‘I love you’, no mention of ‘bride’ anywhere within. I thought that this was quite peculiar- particularly because I made several not-so-subtle hints to Jonathan that I was preparing a story book for him. Another envelope came twenty minutes later delivered to me by his sister. It contained a well-thought-out page-long love note to me! I was very touched.

The next most memorable memory was witnessing the love, joy and pride in my mother’s face as she watched the man she loves escort the little girl she had raised on her own down the aisle to the man of her dreams! What an incredibly sweet moment for her but an even sweeter one for me. Likewise, witnessing my mother-in-law watch her sweet little boy become a husband (the best one at that) was a very joyful moment for her and for me.

Additionally there were the obvious memorable moments such as our first dance, the moment the pastor introduced me as ‘Mrs. White’ and our ride back to the Hotel DuPont in the Rolls Royce!

Every moment of our sweet day I can reminisce on sweetly and vividly but the longing for him at the start of my day, the words in the love letter he wrote to me and the love and pure joy in my mother’s heart were all incredibly special moments for me.

My advice for future brides is ‘do what feels right’ and do so in whatever form that looks like to you.

As you’re planning your dream wedding, remember the most important detail of your day is marrying your soul mate. It truly isn’t the guest list, table numbers, tablecloths or garden roses. Those are all fun details to obsess over but involve your groom and ask for his input, too.

The next most important detail of your day is your dress (ha!). But– seriously! People have often asked me, ‘If you knew what you know now, would you spend what you spent on your dress again?’ The answer is 100 times, ‘YES!’. As you look your new husband in the eye and say ‘I will love and cherish you all the days of my life’, it’s a fabulous feeling to feel like you couldn’t possibly be any more gorgeous as you speak those sweet words. There’s nothing else like it.

Lastly, spend the night before your wedding with your husband.”

Some Details:
Wedding Dress: Peter Langner, custom Italian designer
Bride’s Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Bridesmaids Dresses: J. Crew
Bride’s Jewelry: Michael Goldberg, Indulgence Jewelers of Greenville
Bridesmaids Jewelry: Ashley Austin Boutique of Kennett Square, PA
Bridesmaids and Bride’s clutches: Ashley Austin Boutique of Kennett Square, PA
Title/Artist of First Dance: Make You Feel My Love by Adele (adapted from Bob Dylan)
Coordinator: Lovely Girls Events
Venue: Greenville Country Club
Cake: Crown Jewel Cakes
Flowers: Petals Flowers and Gifts
Hair and Makeup: Michael Christopher Salon

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