Marsha and Joel at Loch Nairn ~ mkPhotography, Pennsylvania Wedding Photographer

Looking through these images it is absolutely undeniable the quiet, wonderful love between these two. Marsha and Joel met through friends when they were invited separately to dinner. They got along so well they decided on a solo date the following weekend …and the rest is history!

Marsha was divorced and Joel widowed; it was special to capture a wedding that was treated as if it were the first one. The only difference could’ve been that now they’re surrounded by lifelong, rooted friendships, children, grandchildren, all joining together in a celebration of their special bond and love for one another. The ceremony and reception were interlaced with such gravity, remarkable tenderness, and infectious mirth. Certainly one of the stand-out weddings for us this year!

Here are some of the details from this unforgettably classic wedding:
Cake: Desserts by Dana
Location: Loch Nairn
Flowers: Flowers by Yukie

Donna Evans - Dear Marsha -- Joel must love the "Girl" in you that is so radiant in these pictures. Please tell us when you get to Naples so we can celebrate the sweet tenderness evident between you two. Love and hugs, Donna