Amanda and Brian’s Wedding – Tendenza ~ mkPhotography, Pennsylvania Wedding Photographer

Brian and Amanda met at freshmen orientation at Penn State in May 2003. Their families had breakfast at the same hotel and then their families got lost as they tried to find the building they were looking for. From there, Amanda and Brian spent the day together registering for classes and talking about their excitement to start at Penn State. They left that day never thinking their paths would cross again, but on the first day of college a few months later, they met again and realized that their dorms were next to each other. They became good friends and then started dating in January 2004. The rest is history!

Brian proposed to Amanda in Hawaii after the conclusion of one of Amanda’s business trips. They were staying for a few days to enjoy Hawaii and Brian brought the ring with him hoping to find a good time to propose during the trip. He thought he found the perfect time as they took a catamaran cruise at sunset. While on the boat, Brian found a great opportunity, just as the sun was setting, to propose. However, at the time Brian was about to propose, Amanda declared she was seasick and proceeded to get sick off the side of the boat! Brian put the ring back in his pocket and decided that he would not propose at that time.

The next morning, as Amanda was waking up, Brian opened the box in front of Amanda’s closed eyes and asked if she would marry him. She said yes and although it wasn’t on the sunset cruise, it was just as thoughtful!

The details:
The Venue: Tendenza
Dress designer: Rina Di Montella
Shoes: Nina
Jewelry: Nadri

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