Nicole & Jarryd @ The Atrium at the Curtis Center

From the Bride:
“Cinderella Complex, that’s what I had diagnosed myself with years ago. Who doesn’t want the handsome prince, on the white horse, with the happily ever after ending? Was that too much to ask? Apparently….it was. Handfuls of failed relationships later I was left without the handsome prince or his horse but I did, however bring my beautiful daughter, Skylar Rose, into this world. At that point, I did start to give up on the fairy tale, cursing Disney movies and love novels for giving me a skewed sense of love, for there were no princesses I could remember that had been a single mom. So I stopped looking, hid the Disney books and movies from my daughter, and moved forward.

That was until one day I received a Facebook message (what else these days) from a friend I had known in college. He was looking to buy an investment property and it just so happened he knew I was a Realtor. The first day we began to look at homes Jarryd didn’t ride in on a white horse, or even a brown one for that matter, it was a silver BMW, so naturally (out of old habit) I paid no attention. He bought the property and we said our “goodbyes, nice to see you again, we will talk real soon”. Little did I know he had feelings towards me so I was shocked when he called telling me he wanted to buy ANOTHER property. He must have realized he would have to tell me he how he felt because buying properties just to keep me around was getting expensive. I am sure I will be forever known as his most expensive dating experience. So, instead of buying that second property, he decided to take me out to dinner. And so our story continued….

Three short years later, January 7, 2011 to be exact, Jarryd surprised me with a weekend getaway, only catch was he wouldn’t tell me where we were going. I was told to pack everything from a bathing suit to snow gear. I still don’t know why he showed any sign of shock when he showed up and I had three large suitcases that needed to be loaded up. I then sat in the passenger seat, blindfolded, for the next 4 hours. It was probably the only relaxing drive we have ever taken together, since he insists my backseat driving makes him crazy and I am sure he can’t possibly drive without me telling him how to do it. But I sat there, in the dark, and when he finally let me take it off we were in the Lincoln Tunnel!

As soon as we arrived we walked to Central Park. It was my first time, and even though my toes were already frozen from the snow, I was excited. We boarded a carriage, not horse drawn (remember I gave up on that fairy tale), bicycle drawn and began our tour. We made a stop and Jarryd and I took a walk down a snow covered path, until we reached a beautiful ivory colored bridge hovering over an icy pond. We stood in the middle of the Bow Bridge for quite some time, taking in the views of New York City. Then he turned to me and got down on one knee, in the snow, pulled out a little blue box, and asked those four words, “Will you marry me?”.

It was the moment I had dreamed about for years and shockingly my instant reaction was to jump off the bridge, run the other way, or get sick. I had given up on this long before, how was this happening? But, everything in my heart had told me that even though he didn’t have the horse, we hadn’t met at a ball, our story didn’t start with Once Upon a Time… he was my prince. He made me believe in my fairy tale again.

For the next year I searched high and low for my castle and stumbled upon it in Philadelphia. In the middle of all the crazy drivers, beeping horns, and some not so nice people I looked up at the Masonic Temple of Philadelphia and everything else just faded away. I knew this was it. So, on August 11, 2012 I married my prince, in a castle, with my daughter right beside us. And (wait….here comes my favorite part)…..we all Lived Happily Ever After….The End!”

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Dress: Lazaro, purchased at La Bella Moda in Conshohocken
Jewelry: Touche in King of Prussia and La Bella Moda
Flowers: Beautiful Blooms
Hair and Makeup: Salon Thalia in Philadelphia
Nails: Cinderella nails in Worcester
Ceremony: Corinthian Hall at the Masonic Temple of Philadelphia
Reception: The Atrium at the Curtis Center by Cescaphe Event Group
Portraits: Masonic Temple of Philadelphia, City Hall in Philadelphia, Love Park in Philadelphia and areas surrounding
Videography: Branded Productions
Band/DJ: Mittman Entertainment