Jana & Shaun @ The Merion

Jana was born in Staten Island, NY to a loving and supportive family. She grew up playing sports and going to the beach with friends she “would die for”. She is described as being outgoing, friendly and patient and lives by the motto “Turns out not where you are, but who you’re with is what really matters.” Shaun grew up in Delaware and is described as athletic, funny and generous. They met before a Phillies game when a mutual friend introduced them. They instantly bonded over their mutual love of baseball, playing softball and going to the beach. These two were meant to be together by any standard!

Jana and Shaun wanted an elegant, beautiful and modern wedding with a dance club atmosphere and this photographer can attest to their success! The ground shook with the party they threw and the enthusiasm of their guests when it came time to dance! It was difficult not to start dancing right along with everyone; I certainly could not stop myself completely and frequently found myself keeping time with the music. Not only did we love this couple, but we loved their families! It was an honor to document their day and we cannot to wait to see what their future brings (hopefully a dog as we know Jana wants!)

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Thank you to all the vendors who made this day possible!

Reception: The Merion
Caterer: The Merion
Cake: The Merion
Video: Hi Focused Videography
Flowers: London Creative
Music: All Axcess Entertainment
Wedding Dress: Alfred Angelo