Kaitlin & Michael @ The Franklin Institute

Venue: The Franklin Institute
Wedding Dress: Lazaro
Shoes: Steve Madden
Bridesmaids Dresses: Eliza J
Jewelry: Earrings- Miguel Ases
Ring & Bracelet – David Yurman
Invitations: William Arthur
Caterer: Frog Commissary
Cake: Whipped Bakeshop
Video: Vf3 Productions
Flowers: Valley Green
Music: One 2 One Productions
Hair and Makeup: Splash Hair Studios

From the Bride:

About Michael & I:
Michael and I met in high school at the age of sixteen. After knowing each other for about six months, he asked me to be his girlfriend outside of a local Dairy Queen. This past November, we had been discussing our first date. We remembered going to the traditional dinner and a movie. One day, while driving home, we passed the Olive Garden, and realized that was where we had gone to dinner in high school. Then, somehow we came up with the idea to relive our first date. Michael claims it was my idea, but I claim that it was his.

So that weekend, we set out to the Olive Garden. We hadn’t been there in years, and the experience was nothing like we expected. To say the least, it was pretty entertaining. Since we have been together so long and go out to dinner all the time, I expected it to go as usual. But it turned out to be one of the most fun nights we had had in awhile. We talked about dating in high school, past memories, and everything in between. For whatever reason, it had been the most fun we had in a long time.
As we headed home, Mike insisted on going to Dairy Queen. I, of course, was so full and not interested in ice cream. He persisted, so I gave in. We got ice cream and ate in the Dairy Queen. I thought this was unusual, as we usually get it and take it home.

As we were leaving the Dairy Queen, we were discussing that summer night 9 years ago when he asked me to be his girlfriend. He pulled me aside and asked where the exact spot was. Right then and there, my heart dropped into my stomach; I knew this was happening.
Neither of us can remember anything he said to me, but without hesitation, I of course said yes!

Wedding Planning:
Since my mom has planned my sisters’ two previous weddings, she was a pro! We set out first to find our dream location. After a long day of looking around Philadelphia venues, we were so tired and ready to go home. Our last stop was The Franklin Institute, which was Michael’s suggestion, and was the last place I expected to fall in love with. Within minutes of being in the room and seeing all the lighting and its wonderful potential, our decision was made!
I constantly used Pinterest and to find fun, new wedding ideas. With that, I found the ideas of a sign-in poster with our wedding invitation on it, a table consisting of our parents and grandparents old wedding photos, and “love” magnets that were our favors.
I always knew I wanted a pink wedding but also knew I didn’t want it to be over-powered with pink. So Michael and I decided to do a full black & white theme with hot pink & green flowers. The wedding was “us” in every way and everything we ever wanted.