Ann & Aramus’s Wedding

Caterer ~ Pig Out
Hair/Makeup Joseph Anthony
Flowers ~ Media Florist
Bride’s Dress ~ David’s Bridal

Ann and Aramus had known each other for years and dated in college, but fate kept them apart for awhile. Ann was a reader in Aramus’s sister’s wedding eight years ago. Finally, all the stars aligned and they found each other again on Facebook and picked up where they left off so many years ago.
Their intimate family wedding was an absolute pleasure to document. It took place on the family’s farm with an authentic rustic farmhouse set atop a lush green hill overlooking a gorgeous pond and gazebo where the ceremony took place. Guests sat on hay bales while watching the relaxed and happy couple repeat their vows. The Quaker ceremony was officiated by the groom’s father and the bride’s adorable son acted as ring bearer. Speaking of the relaxed nature of the couple, they were not even fazed when the ring went missing and a stand in ring was offered by a family member, but not until all the guests scoured the ground for the lost ring. The ring turned up immediately after the ceremony, hidden close to the bride and groom the entire time!
Guests enjoyed the delicious barbecue catered by Pig Out and homemade dishes of the family. All ate heartily and happily while little kids played in sandboxes and ran wild over the estate.
History came alive at this wedding with many genuine civil war era items. The cake was cut with a sword from 1841 and the newly married couple fired a civil war cannon from 1843 that shoots a 6-pound ball up to a mile! It wasn’t long after dinner that the muskets were brought out and fired. From the beautiful garden courtyard to the rustic farmhouse, one truly felt as if the wedding were thrown back in time.

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