Jamie & Jimmy @ Ritz Carlton Philadelphia ~ MKPhotography Pennsylvania Wedding Photographer

Reception ~ Ritz Carlton Philadelphia
Wedding Planner ~ The Wedding Planner Gina Sole
Bride’s Dress & Veil ~ Vera Wang
Bride’s Shoes ~ Manolo Blahnik
Bracelet ~ sapphire and diamond heirloom piece owned by Bride’s great-grandmother.

Reconnect Thursdays:
Last November we had the chance to document a wedding in Philadelphia, where the bride requested all Photo-journistic images! It was really interesting to step back and really just capture the day as it unfolded naturally. Enjoy some of our favorites.

From the Bride:
Though I first heard his name mentioned when I was just a middle-schooler, growing up on Philly’s Main Line, Jimmy and I didn’t actually meet in person until 2008 when we were both adults living in New York City. One of my best girlfriends, Alexa, grew up next-door to Jimmy’s father and step-mom in Wynnewood. As a teenager, Alexa babysat for Jimmy’s little brother and sister, and would hang out with Jimmy on occasion when he spent weekends with his father in the suburbs. A number of my other girlfriends also came to know Jimmy throughout our junior and high school years, through the “Alexa connection”, but for some reason I never seemed to come in contact with Jimmy, the “cool city kid.”

Flash forward a good 15 years. I was living in NYC and working at a PR and event planning firm. One day, Alexa called me up and mentioned that Jimmy Drew’s little sister, Sarah, was a college student looking for a summer internship in NYC. She asked if I was currently looking for interns and I, fortunately said yes. After interviewing Sarah and reviewing her resume, I was pleased to hire her as a summer intern. Around the time Sarah began her internship, Alexa playfully mentioned that her big bro, Jimmy, was single, living in NYC and had a cool job in the music industry. I, of course, was intrigued and Alexa and I secretly plotted how we could set up a meeting between me and Jimmy. Then Sarah began working for me and I put the plan on the back-burner. I didn’t want to make my new intern feel uncomfortable by asking too many questions about her brother! Meanwhile, I began to develop a great fondness for Sarah who turned out to be an awesome intern and an all around great girl. I believe the feeling was mutual, because by the end of the summer, Sarah began suggesting that I meet Jimmy.
On the last day of Sarah’s internship, Alexa invited Jimmy, Sarah and me to attend a Bon Iver concert with her at the Bowery Ballroom. We all met beforehand for dinner at a hip SoHo cafe. Jimmy and I immediately hit it off and seemed to gravitate towards one another. At the show, Jimmy and I stood next to each other in our own world and chatted the whole time. Alexa and Sarah left after about one or two songs. Jimmy and I ended up staying out until 2am, heading to a bar after the show and talking for hours. The rest was history. Jimmy proposed about two and half years later at our shared apartment in NYC. We celebrated with a round of Champagne at the St. Regis’ famed King Cole Bar.

Our wedding weekend was one of the best times of our lives. We married on November 5th, 2011 at the Ritz Carlton, Philadelphia. Being surrounded by all our friends and loved ones was overwhelming, especially as we had guests attending from far-flung destinations around the world including Hawaii, England, France and Belgium. Jimmy and I recently bought a new home in Brooklyn. And now, a mere 7 months later we are expecting a wonderful addition to the family! We’re having a baby, due this December. Now, our main worry is preparing our dog Barkley, who is currently the ruler of the roost, for the new baby.