Sara & Joe @ Lake House Inn ~ MKPhotography Pennsylvania Wedding Photographer

Reception ~ Lake House Inn
Planner ~ Nicole Brennan
Flowers ~ Cottage Flowers Floral Design
Video ~ Video One Productions
Entertainment ~ Tom Barrett DJs
Hair & Makeup ~ Blush Freelance by Jay Davis
Caterer ~ Jeffrey A. Miller Catering
Bride’s Dress ~ Bridals by Danielle
Ceremony Music ~ Cherrywood Strings
Bridesmaid’s Dresses ~ La Bella Moda

You can view more images from Sara and Joe’s wedding HERE

From the Bride:
Joe and I could be in one of those eHarmony commercials because we are one of their success stories. We like to think fate had a hand in bringing us together — I subscribed for a 3-month membership and planned to discontinue it because I hadn’t met anyone who sparked my interest. Then my membership automatically renewed because I forgot to cancel it before the 3-month deadline. Joe and I were matched in the fourth month so we always thank our lucky stars for that automatic renewal! Both of our parents were high school sweethearts and have been married for over 35 years. We’re hoping we have the same good fortune with our modern day romance.

Joe’s original proposal plan was very romantic and included lots of flowers and candles all over our house. I ruined that plan because I took the day off from work when he was planning to set everything up at the house and he ended up having to travel that day for work. We were leaving for a vacation at the beach the following day so I was upstairs packing when Joe got home from work. He asked me to come downstairs, and there was a gift bag and a box on the dining room table. He told me to open the bag first so I did and it had a bunch of little stuff for our vacation like suntan lotion, playing cards and squirt guns. Then I opened the box and it had a small light blue pillow in it with a handwritten note on top that said “This is a floor pillow. Put on floor.” I was completely clueless and kind of looked back and forth between Joe and the pillow before telling him that I didn’t get it and asking him what a floor pillow was. In my head, I was thinking, this does not match anything in our house so why in the world did he buy it? He told me to put it on the floor and see what happens and then I finally figured it out. When I put the pillow on the floor our dog Tug tried to grab it but Joe was able to get down on one knee first and then he asked me to marry him. Of course, I said yes!! It was the perfect proposal because we were at home and our dog, who we love dearly, was able to be a part of it. Joe gave me a card afterwards that said everything he knew he would be too nervous to say in the moment. I loved it because now I can keep that card forever to remember the day he proposed!

One of the highlights from our wedding day that everyone is still talking about was our ring bearer and flower girl stealing the show during our first dance. Our 2 1/2 year old niece (on Joe’s side) and nephew (on my side) started dancing together during our first dance and everyone was oohing and aahing and applauding. We were happy to share the spotlight because it was the most adorable thing!