Baby Ella makes three…all in this family many more! ~ Lifestyle Family Portraits

How the story started for me:

Two years ago certain Patty called to inquire about wedding photography for her daughter’s wedding. Little did we know she was the Patty – the wife of Mike’s best friend from high school. Fast forward to the wedding at One Atlantic where I watched Mike’s reunion with all of his friends, especially Betta. It was the first time she had seen him in over thirty years! If you have teens, you know how inseparable they are. That is what Mike and John’s friendship was like. Betta was like a mom to Mike.

After the wedding we stayed in touch and Mike and the Crownes reconnected. When Ella was born, we couldn’t resist to go visit and join them for their traditional Sunday family dinner of pasta and home made sauce with meatballs. I was apparently talking about them for three weeks! Yes they are that good.

It was amazing to document all the warmth and love this family has for each other and for their friends. Betta shared her favorite photos with us on her iPad. She is more then eighty! She called her husband “Ed you are sooo funny!” after 60 years of marriage! Betta cooked and Ed did the dishes…He did take a break to come check on baby Ella though.

The photos are a slice of their lives. Not necessarily arranged and posed portraits, just moments as they happened that day. Baby Ella will have them to remember her great grandparents! This is when I LOVE what we do the most. Making history.