Mother’s kind words…


I want to take a moment to let you and Mike know how much I still appreciate the pictures from Brent and Heather’s Wedding Day. Food and drinks have been consumed, dresses cleaned and put away, tuxes returned, feet have healed from dancing, friends gone back to their lives and new family united. As all of those things are joyous memories the precious memories you took that day will live on forever in our hearts.

We have just attended a wedding after having our children’s. The photographer stood inches away from the couple as they said their vows, snapping pictures the whole time. Those of us attending could not see through his back. There were no family pictures taken of the either families or the new family unit. He missed so much of the emotion of the day’s events. I do not know that quality of the pictures but I do know the quality of the work that was involved in taking the photos.

This should make you laugh. Some of the pictures I took were much better than the photographers. Yeah for the class! I will be back to keep learning what we learned that day. My brain has not grasped all the concepts yet. But I keep clicking. I have also learned to not be seen as I am taking photos of someones special event as a guest.

So again, I love and continue to treasure all the memories you took of our son and daughter-in-laws wedding. I will spread your name and quality to all those that will listen!

Much Appreciation,
Ann Stinson

it was a pleasure working with your families. Thank you for the kind words.