WPPI – PART 2 – The Trip

Here comes Part two of our Vegas adventure. Photos and insights from our amazing trip to the Grand Canyon:

The Hoover Dam bypass built in 2010 speeds up the journey South, but how could we not stop when the sky was so perfect. If you decide to walk across the Dam, make sure to stare at your iPhone as it magically changes from Nevada to Arizona time and back. The Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge offers the most spectacular Dam views! The best view of Lake Mead is from business route 93 in Boulder City, where we had to stop for supposedly Nevada’s best burger at the Boulder PIT Stop. The french fry sauce was tasty!

Grand Canyon West is located on a Hualapai Indian reservation about 2.5 hours from Las Vegas. Different location = different weather. It was 24 degrees at the Canyon! It was our first time seeing snow covered cactus in the desert. The Canyon views are about fifty miles from Rt. 93, partly on a dirt road – frankly the most in the middle of nowhere place either one of us has ever been. The weather had been uncooperative for the entire week. That is until we got there. Visibility was supposed to be zero, but the clouds just floated away when we arrived. There are three main points of interest on the reservation – two breathtaking viewpoints and a mocked up western town and working ranch. We couldn’t be bothered with the Sky Walk at Eagle Point – NO cameras allowed – what good is that to a photographer? Guano Point on the other hand had the most amazing 360 view of the Canyon.

Only a little scary standing on the tallest rock on top of the tallest hill around!

The ground was too slippery for a horse ride along the edge of the Canyon, but we visited the horses at sunset anyway.

As one of the presenters said, “The day we get home, we start planning next years trip”
So true…

mike & jana