Nonnie & Joe at Longwood Gardens

and here is their story:
Nonnie and Joe were dating for a while. The one thing that Nonnie really wanted was a puppy, so when her birthday came along and Joe gave her a card with a photo of a Yorkie and an awesome bag – large enough to fit a puppy, she was super excited! How great was her disappointment when there wasn’t a puppy in the bag, not even a photo of a puppy that she was going to get. She searched the awesome bag and found no evidence of a dog, so she proceeded to read the card. May be there would be clues in it. Meanwhile Nonnie’s sister started to frantically looking for a camera. There was a clue on the back of the card and a super special present inside! Of course Nonnie made Joe the happiest man on Earth and said YES.
We had a great afternoon photograping this fun and loving couple at Longwood Gardens . The pre-storm light was amazing. Nonnie and Joe will be married next June and Jana will document all the joys of their wedding day.

jana & mike