HAPPY 25th BIRTHDAY to my 86′ Porsche 944 Turbo!

HAPPY 25th BIRTHDAY to my 86′ Porsche 944 Turbo! WOW! 25 years!
My Porsche celebrated it’s 25th Birthday on September 25th. I gave it a really good bath (with Luciana spraying me with the hose of course) and aggressive drive on the twisty back roads of the beautiful Brandywine Valley. Fun to drive, amazing adrenaline rush that this car handles so well after 300,00 miles. Original engine, paint and lots of routine and preventative maintenance kept me busy over the years. This car was voted by Car and Driver Magazine as the best handling sports car, 3 years in a row. It is known for superb balance, interior driver ergonomics and handling feel. Working on the 944 series Porsche’s is a passionate hobby for me, I do ALL the work and love the accomplishment of fixing things. This past summer a close friend and I restored a Zermatt Silver 89′ 2.7 Liter 944 for my son, Ryan for his 17th birthday. It was great teaching him to drive a stick shift. Some arguing and frustrations occurred during the learning process but in the end the father son experience was the best! He now is a true fan, he has the bug now. : ) It is very rewarding getting together with him and showing him how to keep it going with many do it yourself maintenance projects.

rob - @formerfatguy - Happy birthday indeed. What a beautiful car