VOTE for the cutest face from the 9th Annual Dog Fest

Which one is your favorite dog? Make a comment at the bottom of the post. We will announce the winner next Friday!

Nicole - Oreo has the cutest face(Boston Terrier)! So happy to see her picture. Great event & great pictures.

Jim R - the two great danes are so cute next to each other

sandy mehalick - i like the one of the brown and black dogs there cute

jeff - My fav. isn't here. You have to add the one that looks like the dog is rolling it's eyes

Stacy - Oreo is the cutest, with that adorable face and pink sweater!

MARY LOU - Boston Terrier! What a cutie! She is smiling all over herself. Bet she loves the camera.

Mary - They are all cute but I love the bulldog!

Jess - Definitely the last one.

John H - Kenny the Akita!

peggy - Awww I love the English Bulldog!

Dave - Oh my goodness what a striking Bulldog!

Rebecca Saxton - Beautiful bulldog!! Looks just like his Daddy!!

Lisa James - I have to go with the ADORABLE bulldog! =)

Karen Havelka - The bulldog is beautiful! I just want to kiss that sweet face :)

Patti - Definitely the bulldog - how can you deny that adorable face anything!! :0)

Sue - My vote is for the bulldog

Matt - Stoney da Bulldog!

Heather Yeager - Love the bulldog!! To cute!

Kneeknee - The Bulldog, of course!!! How could you not love that face!!

celine - Stoney the bulldog rocks!!!

Kathe - The bulldog of course!

Connie R - Hands down the Bulldog. what a smart looking fella!

Annie - Bulldog is the cutest by far!

Monica - It's the Bullie!!!

tom - It has to be the Bulldog

Kristi - All the dogs are gorgeous - but my favorite is the bulldog!

Tammy in NC - I love all babies....but gotta give it to the Bully! That precious face!

Cathy - The Bulldog is the cutest by far!!

cfrey - The bulldog is best!

Trisha - The bulldog gets my vote!

Sandy - I vote for the bulldog!

Carrie - The Bulldog is the cutest!!

Phyllis - Bulldog all the way!!!!

stephanie fox - The bulldog is simply adorable!

Eileen - My vote is for the English Buldog. He is breathtakingly gorgeous.

Nelia - Stoney the bulldog.. look at dat face. :-)

Dana Vendrick - They are all adorable, but I love the bulldog.

jillian - great danes!

Heather P - Most definitely the great them ;)

carrie - stoney the bulldog!!!! he rocks!!!

Ashley - Aww! I love the bulldog! So Cute! <3

mona - i love love the bulldog

Kim R - I vote for the adorable bulldog!

christine k - bullie all the way!!! bulldog!


Stephanie - The little black and white puppy in the pink sweater is my favorite!!!

Erin Lassahn - Hi Mike! These pup shots are too adorable! What a wonderful idea :)

Denise - The bully of course by the prettiest!

Tammie - Wow they R all so cute! But.... There is something extra special about that Bulldog!!!!

Mark U - Great looking Bulldog

Kathy H - O-the bulldog has my vote! to cute!!!

allie - The bulldog at the bottom takes the cake for sure! Cutest dog here! !

Cathy - definitley the BULLDOG! Love that face!

Ed - The bulldog is the best, looks like its confused

Michelle - The bulldog is toooo cute! He gets my vote:)

Dawn - Who me? The bulldog!

Laura Righter - I vote for the bulldog! Cute!

NML - Three cheers for the Boston!

Terry K - Bulldog! Bulldog! Bulldog! Go Bulldog!

Alyx - Of course the bulldog has my vote!