Oozing Emotions

I design albums to make emotions ooze. Mission accomplished with Jenna & Scott’s album. It makes me even happier when I hear from our clients about how much they love what we have done. Their book made me so happy. It wasn’t about filling every page, or having every image. I’m not there on the wedding day. What is most important to me is telling the story with the images, and making sure you remember how much love there was in the air that day…not necessarily everyone that was there. Jenna & Scott let me do my thing (and so did Jenna’s parents!). It turned into two absolutely gorgeous books.

We hear from the couple about their album sometimes. We hear from a mom about her mother-of-the-bride album sometimes. But when I hear from a mom about not only their book, but their daughter’s book, it makes my emotions ooze a little :)

What a wonderful treasure of an album (for the parents) but, Jenna and Scott’s album – words CANNOT describe the love and emotions felt oozing from every page.

Kudos to Mike, Jana, and you, Angelique, for helping piece this day together.

Thank you,
Susan and Jeff Cooper

Thanks Susan & Jeff for such kind words! Here are a few of the layouts from Jenna & Scott’s book so you can see exactly what they were talking about!


Joe Pulcinella - Nice one, Mike!

Jamie Tretola - Ahhh- this is beautiful and reminds me of my amazing album. Great work Mike!

Faith - The great dane's look so well behaved. They are the best!