mkPhoto at WPPI International Photography Convention

The annual trip to the WPPI international photography convention in Las Vegas is always full of inspiration, learning and excitement. We spent time studying with some of the world’s leading wedding and portraits photographers – Kevin Kubota, Jim Garner, Catherine Hall, Dave and Quinn Chen, David Beckstead and many others. The trade show was as exciting as ever – a few new toys for the studio will make an appearance soon.





It was not all just hard work. We had some fun too, lots of great cafes and restaurants. We definitely had two favorites though Mon Ami Gabi in Paris and Shibuya in MGM. The stay at the Signature Suites at MGM was quite a treat. Make sure to check it out if you ever make a trip to Las Vegas. This is the view from our balconies.



We looked for inspiration outside the convention as well. KA one of the Cirque de Soleil performances was an amazing experience – visually stunning!
When the city got to be too much, we headed east to Zion National Park and spent four hours on a three-mile hike climbing rocks and jumping over creeks taking photographs. Make sure to visit Oscar’s Café in Springdale, UT for a Murder Burger and a cold beer after a long day of hiking.






It was a great pleasure meeting so many new friends. So much inspiration! We can wait to start the season photographing and designing albums! Time to start planning for the WPPI 2011.

mike & Jana