Copy albums for your parents or for you!

With so many options for parent albums, this one may be the easiest one!  If your parents don’t want to choose any images for their album, or they are having the same difficulties narrowing down favorites that you did, the duplicate album is perfect!  When you select one of our beautiful Queensberry albums, you can also purchase an exact copy of your album.  This means your photo front cover you love so much will match, and the flips you added to your album for some flare will be miniaturized.

Jealous and want one for yourself, not just for mom?  They come in two sizes, 5″ and 7″.  Parents love the 7″.  Brides love the 5″.  Perfect purse-size album!  Now you don’t have to worry about taking your perfect album into work to show it off, you can take the perfect mini-version of it everywhere.  And since it is a copy of your full-size bridal album, your parents could end up with four to five times the number of images they would have had in a similarly priced custom album!

Kerry & Alfred recently completed their album and chose to do a duplicate album for her parents.  They chose to do the beautiful Duo style album, which is a combination of the traditional matted book, with full page images for a great impact.  When adding a duplicate album to your Queensberry order, any matting is digitized, so all mini-books are completely flush.  Since Kerry & Alfred chose black mats for their album, so their small digital book had black backgrounds.  If you choose ivory mats, the book would be flush with white backgrounds.

Queensberry Duo with a small digital copy

Queensberry Duo with a small digital copy

If your album is in its final stages of production, contact the studio to see if you can still add a duplicate to your order!

Jenna Zalut - We can't wait to see our album!!!! Mike is the best!!!!

nancy crain - We couldn't have been more thrilled with our photos. What a difference from our son's experience with a different studio!