12.06.08    Mary Kaye and David

The Couple: Mary Kaye Jacono and David Anthony
Getting Ready Location: The Brides parent house in Thorton, PA
The First look: Villanova campus
The Ceremony: St. Thomas of Villanova
Family Photo’s: Ballroom at the Ben
The Reception: Ballroom at the Ben, Philadelphia,PA
The Band: BVT-“Jellyroll”- “Philadelphia’s Original Party and Dance Band”
What I remember most about Mary Kaye and David’s day: Going to the Philadelphia Art Museum when it was so windy and snowing. Mary Kaye made a comment that she was so excited that it was snowing on her wedding day. Hearing that made it all worth it for everyone. And did I tell you she had ALL(20 people total) the bridal party gather on the steps for a night city shot shots in the 20+ degree weather and nobody complained! They actually all had fun! Mary Kaye is just a sweet, sincere and giving person, a pleasure to work with! And David a great guy who loves Mary Kaye soooo much. And a very special moment at the reception, Mary Kaye, a singer sang a beautiful song to David. It was an amazing moment with everyone captivated by Mary Kaye’s beautiful voice. It was a night to remember! A special thanks to the parents for letting us into your family, it was a wonderful experience for us!
David and Mary Kaye will be on their honeymoon in Hot and sunny Mexico.
Happy Holidays,
mike and Jana



















Mary Kaye - Mike and Jana...thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job last weekend. I was dying in Mexico because I couldn't access the photos from the resort! I couldn't wait to get home to see them and I was not dissapointed. They are so beautiful. It is going to be so hard to put an album together because there are just so many great photos that it's overwhelming. Thank you thank you thank you. I just can't say it enough. And Merry Christmas!

Mary Kaye - Well, Mike...I started marking my favorite pictures and I realized that I have over 600 pictures marked. hahaha. I love them so much. But please know that you and Jana have now made it nearly impossible to put an album together. I will be reccomending you to everyone I know!! Happy New Year!!