On the walls at Starbucks! “Images from out West Collection”

Well I hung all sixteen prints last week, wow that was tough trying to decide what print went where. I even had to hang a few prints in the bathrooms/hallway because I ran out of space in the main serving area. It was such a great feeling to hear the customers commenting on the artwork! I mingled a bit with the guests and and answered questions that they had about the trip and the photographs. Things are going well after a week, almost all of the complimentary post cards have been taken by interested customers. If you don’t know already I had 50 custom postcards made of each print for Starbuck’s customers to take with them. They are a hit! I needed to order more today. These post cards will be available for free for the duration of the show which runs between Oct 4th -Nov 3rd, After that the entire collection of 16 custom made glossy cards will be available for purchase. The price for the entire collection(16 different cards) will be 25.00. If you would like to view them check them out here

Starbucks at Kennett Square, PA located on Route 1
The print colors really match the feel of the store, that worked out well!
Put cream and sugar in your coffee while looking at the beautiful west, Life is good!
Postcards for Starbucks customers and some of “my thoughts” on the collection

Ryan - Really adds to the atmosphere! Nice to sit down, have a cup of coffee, and see local artists display their work. Hope to see more in the future!

Jana - The show came together beautifully. Awesome shots. Looking forward to the next bunch!