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More examples of custom designed “Thank You” cards…

Monday, July 28th, 2008

Just wanted to show you a few more “Thank You” card designs that were not completed in the last post. These can be turned around rather quickly also. Ready in about 2 weeks! So it’s not too late to get your order started! With so many great paper choices available and the creative custom designs, the possibilities are endless… Angelique and Jana love to do design these, they are so personal and unique to each couple.


7.19.08    Lisa and Jeremy

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

Our Couple: Lisa and Jeremy
Wedding Date: 7.19.08
Met for the first time: The beautiful Winterthur Estates and Gardens
The Ceremony: The garden Terrace-Winterthur
Pics of the couple/Bridal Party/Families: The Estate grounds at Winterthur
Reception: Winterthur
What I remember most: The ceremony was so magical in the garden, yes it was very hot but an amazing time for all who witnessed Lisa and Jeremy exchange their vows under the beautiful Hupa. A great couple to be around so patient and willing to get photographs at the picturesque Winterthur Gardens. Thanks Lisa and Jeremy your great parents and all your families and friends that made us feel so special on your wedding day. We had a GREAT time!

Jana and mike










New box mount framing available!

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

We are now offering two new different style box mount frames. The bevel mount and recessed floating mount. The bevel flush mount is a “glassless” style that can be freestanding on a table/desk or hung. To protect the print a textured protective layer is applied during the mounting process. Several frame styles are available and frame depths are available up to 3″. Pictured (left,center) is a black low profile 2″ deep frame. The result is a very unique piece that can compliment any room in your house. The recessed floating mount (right) is very eye catching and is a great way to show off your favorite photos. This is also a “glassless” design with a protective layer applied during the mounting process. The print surface is set lower than the front of the frame and appears to be floating. We gets lots of positive comments on these. Also available in many frame styles/colors/finishes and depths up to 3″


Best of the Best Contest – Vote now for the Cutest Flower girl

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

It’s that time again, This months “Best of the Best” contest is: “The Cutest Flower Girl” It was so hard to narrow it down to just three finalists! We will be announcing the winner the 15th of August. Thanks for visiting. Cast your vote in the comments box below and let us know which flower girl should be selected as the cutest.


rachel langan - #1, very photogenic!

Mark Kingsdorf - The Queen of Hearts - #2 - even with the little pouty face she's too cute!

Ashlee Reed Hidell - #2 get's my vote! She is cute as a button!

Anne Addison - #2- The crown of flowers is like a halo:) She is adorable!

Beth Shinn - #2 - They are all adorable but #2 is my favorite!

Luciana - I really like the little girl with the flowers pink flowers in her hair. #3 Luciana-age 5

Elena - 1! Great smile!

Bonnie Walstead - #2 gets my vote, love that security teddy with those sad eyes

Jana - Love #2. She was so cute all day!

Amanda - #1 - She is completely adorable and is having such a good time.

Aimee - #1 - What a sweetie!

Bob Reed - #2: She is adorable!

Danielle - #1 is too cute!

Amy Parker - #2- what's all the fuss about? the bird's the star I'm just the flower girl!

Lori Voss - #2 ALL THE WAY. Such an Angel!!!!!!

Mrs. Conlon - #2 Hope you are my beautiful girl! I love you!

Tara - # 2 Is SOOOOOOO Cute-She got my Vote!!

Joe Reed - #2 is a doll baby.

Jill - #1- That smile and scrunched up nose is too cute!

Lindsey Voss - #2 aww. i love her. she is adorable :D

Michele- - #2 is my pick!

Gina Voss - #2 she is the cutest girl ever :]

Kara Voss - #2 Cutest Flower Girl

B.J. Mitchell - #2 Gets my vote

Amy Warick - #2 - Miss goldilocks gets my vote!

William - #2 is by far the cutest hands down.

Meg Mitchell - #2 is my favorite and gets my vote.

Jessica - I'd say #1 for the personality!

Natalie Lyons - # 2 is my favorite. She is beautiful!!!!!

Deb Miller - I vote for #2 What a Doll-Baby

Ann - #2 is a too cute, and gets my vote.

Jen - #1 is adorable and has a great smile!

Britany Minturn - #2 is too cute!

Tim Hidell - #2 is the best

Debbie Reed - #2 This child has personality!

Rob Burton - #2 gets my vote!!!

Lee Slater - #1, great photo.

Erik - #1 - Lee told me to!

Stephanie - #1 She is so cute.

Carolyn Kahler - #1 - look how much fun she is having!

angelique - #1 is the best!

Jen Burton - #2 Beautiful little girl!

Cindy - #1 has my vote. She's got personality all over!

Pete - #1 - the elbow dimple is AWESOME!

Paige Reed - #2 is so cute. She gets my vote!

Cate Egan - #2 is the cutest. she has my vote for sure!

Dianne - #2 - Clearly her own person!

Regina - #2 - such a pretty little girl and the teddy bear is so cute!

joan - #2 She has a future career in modeling.

Hunter Jones - #2 She is my pick of course!

Karen Eller - #1 is great, how cute!

Meg - #1 - Sweetie pie is the cutest!

Will - #1 - Definitely the cutest kid.

Grandma Midge - #2 - Definitely perfect and cute!!

Barb - #1 is so cute! Just look at that Pixie expression.

Karen - #1 is adorable.

Rae Kitchens - #1 cutie patootie

Allison - #1 is absolutely adorable!

jenn wallace collins - #3- I vote for #3-She is my neice and is SOO ADORABLE! I had three wonderful, beautiful flower girls on my special day!

Catherine Orlando - My sister Kristin is the cutest little girl in the world...and that is not even the best picture of her....imagine how cute if she was posed like the other two!! I vote #3!!!!

Papa Bear - All three are cute....but my heart is captured by #3. I vote #3

Mary Ann - Three beautiful little ladies....gotta go with the cutie pie on the right... such innocence!! I vote for #3

Nora - I vote for cutey #3-is she available for Tricia's wedding?

Tish - All beautiful photos but I love the lovely lady #3.

Carolyn - All are so cute,but #3 have that extra something. I vote for #3.

The Raiche's - Each girl is cute, cute cute, but because we were at the wedding where #3 was a flower girl, she gets our vote!

Tommy Worden - #3! 1's got that adorable laugh, 2's got the adorable pouty face, but 3's got it all!!!!

RAB - #1 All the way!

Sara Hoff - I vote #3 too. That smile is adorable!

Nancy - #1. Great picture. She is having a blast!!! Much better than the other two. One of them looks decidedly not happy and the other has too forced a smile.

Pat Stevens - I vote for #1. Cute as a pixie.

lynn Rusy - I vote for #1

Linda Heckert - #1 is having the most fun!

Connie - #1 What a great little smile!!! Just too cute!!

Helene - #1

Donna Sites - #2 LOVE HER!

Tom Sites - #2 is just too cute!

Jim - #2 cutest, blondest,most adorable!!!!!

Shirley H - #1 she looks like she is enjoying the day! and she is adorable, her personality really shows.

Carol Rusnak - #1 - Rachel is quite the little sweetie. Love her personality which is showing through!! My pick is definitely #1.

Aunt Judy - I vote for #3 because she is as cute as can be! And what a personality!

Tadhg C - A moment in got to give it to # 3

MSA - All 3 are cute, but I choose #3

Bridget Cassidy - Ah #3 is a dote.

Chris D Eire - They are all so cute but Im voting for #3 - bet behind that innocent little face is a little rascal! She is just adorable.

JRyan - #3 has my vote!

Linda - #3 is so sweet. She gets my vote.

Sylvia - # 3 is ''la plus belle'' my adorable niece for sure get my vote!

Randee Tobin - #1 sure looks like she's having the best time-an upcoming model!!

s. Knupp - #1 cutest

Diane - I vote for #1 she is so cute.

Dan - #1 is my favorite -- the photographer caught a wonderful expression on that happy little girl face.

Stephan Z - #1 has my vote!

Mike - We vote for flower girl no.2

Annmarie - My vote would be for #3 - what a lovely face!

Ryan - #1 has spunk. I like spunk

Gail Weisberg - My vote is for number 2. The dress is magnificent as well as is the bride. MAGAZINE COVER MATERIAL DEFINITELY!

Tanya Gohl - I'am interested in knowing more about you. I know every mom thinks that there little girl is the cutest and most beautiful. I too think that way about my little girl especially when there wasnt one store we could go to without someone appraching us since she was a baby and now she is 6 and it's still happening only now she entered for the first time in a pageant and won. I want her noticed not for me but for her because it's part of her personality. She wants to be a singer or a model and she is extra special to me because we had a long rough road when she almost died in my arms and became very ill and no doctor knew what was wrong with her. We kept hearing it's viral and every year she would end up in the hospital in icu and put on breathing treatments ect. long story short she was finally sent to a specialist and was diagnosed with a seizure disorder and is now off of her meds for that but also has asthma and is now controlled and hosptial free for a year in a half. I'am soooo proud of her. Please mail me the information my name is Tanya Gohl Po Box 5 Trenton ND, 58853 I want to do this for my daughter Alyssa Hodges who is my miracle daughter!!!

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7.20.08   Laura, Tom and Christian

Monday, July 21st, 2008

Laura, Tom & Christian
Valley Garden Park – Wilmington, DE

Laura and Tom spent some time with me on Sunday morning – before the temperature crept to 96 degrees. They are going to tie the knot on October 25th at the Union League. It was a great pleasure working with them and especially with Tom’s six-year-old son Christian, who supposedly doesn’t like to have his photo taken! He will have the very important job of being a ring bearer at Tom and Laura’s wedding.
We are looking forward to capturing all the special moments on your big day.

Jana & Brian







Laura - Jana- Your work is amazing!!!! Thank you for beautiful photos and the wonderful family memories at the park. We really love your "picks" - now we have to somehow choose from all these great shots. I also wanted to thank you again for making Christian feel comfortable in front of the camera. What a great surprise to see these today. Regards, Laura

And the winner of the June’s “Best of the Best”  The Ring with the Most Bling is…..

Saturday, July 19th, 2008

Hara’s engagement ring. Entry #3. Congratulations to Hara and Scott Caplan. They were married on October 20th, 2007 at The Crystal Tea Room in Philadelphia. This one of a kind ring(yes every ring he designs is an original!) was designed by Michael Beaudry. They both meet him in person to discuss the design of their rings. The rings were purchased at Bernie Robbins at the New Jersey shore. The outer section is rose gold inlayed with pink diamonds. Beautiful Beautiful!. Congratulations to the two of you! And a special thanks to our other amazing ring entries: Marisa and John entry #1 and Liz and Tyke entry #2.



\y-ˈnēk\">unique \y-ˈnēk\

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else
• particularly remarkable, special, or unusual
• distinctive, exclusive, rare, one-of-a-kind, once-in-a-lifetime, one-shot.


We all know someone that fits this description. Give them an opportunity to show just how unique they are. We believe a photo should be designed around the individual, not vice versa. Show us who you are, and let us document it for the rest of the world.

Mention the mk Photo blog when booking your shoot and receive 50% off your portrait shoot if you schedule a session before September.

elena - Great to know that you do those edgy, creative and fashionable senior portraits. My daughter was so disappointed with her pictures the first time, we can't wait to meet you and talk about the shoot. We are so excited!

Parent Albums…there are many choices.

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008



We care about presentation because we care about you!

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

We wanted to share with you our new color coordinated photo boxes and our sleek CD/DVD tins complete with polaroid photo on the front. We truly believe your premium products deserve premium packaging. And btw Angelique loves hand tying the ribbons around the boxes….. Just ask her.

Susan - WOW! I love the classy and clean. I just want to place an order so I can get all this beautiful packaging. Nice job!

7.12.08    Lauren & Brian

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

The Couple: Lauren and Brian (Hausmann)
Getting Ready: Brides house in Allentown, PA
Ceremony: Cathedral of St. Catherine of St. Sienna, Allentown, PA
Photo location: Allentown Rose Garden and Cairnwood Mansion(beautiful)!
Reception: Cairnwood Mansion-Bryn Athyn, PA
Flowers: Bob’s Flower Shop
On location Catering: Feastivities
What I remember most: How excited mom and Lauren were, they were so cute, and dad too! What a beautiful, warm and caring family. The exit from the church was very nice, beautiful butterflies were released by all the guests! What a moment that was. There were several butterflies that landed on Lauren’s bouquet and stayed on for a while that’s good luck!! Cairnwood is always a pleasure to work, just an amazing place to shoot!

Lauren at home, her country estate house where she grew up. Great textures and color! The inside was amazing!
oh she’s sooo cute!



Catering by Feastivities, great taste- awesome presentation!
Summer hot pink! FUN, FUN, FUN

France (brides mom) - Dear Mike and Jana, Words can not express the joy that I felt when I first viewed your blog with Lauren & Brian's pictures. I also enjoyed your comments below the blog photos. I always knew that we had picked the right photographer but you proved it beyond any doubt. I want to thank you for your kindness and help when I was so emotional and dealing with long distance planning. Even the videographer enjoyed you two! I appreciate your expertise in deciding additional time was required and handling it for me that evening. Everything that I felt I had missed that day you have given back to me! My only problem is deciding which photos to pick! I wish I had another daughter so I could work with you again.