6.01.08    Maria and James

Maria and James married on June 1st at the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Wilmington, DE. Maria, you are a sweet heart of a bride! You are so fortunate to have a family that is full of tradition and love! I was married at the same church, my wife being Greek/Italian and I can REALLY appreciate the Greek traditions and how family values are so important. We had such a great time on their wedding day! We spent some time at Deerfield Country Club(where the reception was held) with the Maria, James and Bridal party. Lots and lots of Greek dancing! Lots of money in the air above the dance floor! Lots of good times! Maria and James will be Honeymooning in Hawaii for the next 2 weeks. Have Fun guys!!!
Best wishes,

Jana and Mike







Maria and James - Hi Jana, Thank you for the well wishes. Maria and I got back from Hawaii Sunday and had an amazing time. We stayed up pretty late last night looking through the pictures (we'll be getting to the rest of them tonight) and I must say that we are both absolutely amazed. The pictures are just incredible and I am personally grateful to have such striking pictures of Maria on our wedding day that I will certainly cherish forever. James