5.23.08 Genevieve and Frank

If it was not for a very happy former bride we may not have been hired to Photograph Genevieve’s and Frank’s special day.. That VERY happy bride was Genevieve’s sister Melissa. We shot her wedding in the late summer of 04′. We LOVED working with Melissa and Dan and she loved the photographs from her wedding. It was so nice working with the Palaganas family again! Thanks Melissa for your support! btw, we cannot wait for that second photo shoot with your second child. I knew right away that Genevieve and Frank were going to be great to work with,(including “TANK” their Bulldog) it all started with an engagement shoot at Valley Garden Park located in Greenville, DE. last November. So relaxed on the shoot and open for suggestions from us. “I suggested that they just be themselves and to let us capture the love, fun and the interactions between the two of them” This “pre wedding” shoot set up their wedding day perfectly- they were so ready to just have fun and so trusted us to capture their true life moments. On a beautiful Friday afternoon, following the ceremony at St Patrick’s church we walked just a block to Rittenhouse Square with the entire bridal party. Genevieve and her father are so close and the love for his children so strong. A prayer was spoken for Genevieve’s and Melissa’s mom, how proud and happy she must be looking down from above. The reception was held at the Crystal Team Room in Philadelphia, PA. Angelique put together a very special slide show presentation for Gen and Frank. It was something that they both REALLY wanted for their guests and families to experience. Their wedding day montage in less than an hour! Angelique edited and organized about 100 images in time for the guests to see it upon entering the room. It was an moving slide show presentation displayed on a 23″ HD monitor without wires or a computer visible.
Thank You Genevieve and Frank!

Mike, Jana and Angelique

I can just hear Tank “Not any closer you hear me”, thanks to my 200mm lens I got this shot. :)



Dad’s last hug before letting go…


“It’s not just the action that is critical to capture but the extremely important reaction that really tells the story”

They just had to stop along the way to Rittenhouse for a kiss in front of everybody


This is what it is all about “Joy captured in a split second”