5.04.08 Toby and Ido

Here is a really nice inspiration board that Jana put together, the details were just amazing! And look at all the beautiful colors!

What an event this was! Magnificent! When I first walked into the Westin Ballroom(very early in the day) I thought I was in a huge flower shop! FLOWERS and Eventine Staff were everywhere! I mean EVERYWHERE! Can you guess that Toby is a designer for Evantine Design located in Rittenhouse square. Her vision came to life that day in all sizes and colors.. In preparation for the evenings party the room was bustling with energy! Their were dozens of people moving about, designers, planners; setting lights, creating arrangements all making sure that all was ready and perfect for the moment when Toby and Ido would enter the room for the very first time. You should have seen the look on Toby’s face when she first saw the room! Mom by her side, full of joy, so proud of her daughter and Ido. She was instrumental in organizing the big day, every detail in place, nothing overlooked, all the hard work she invested became a reality that day. Helping her from the start with careful planning and creating the beautiful and classic stationary was Melody and Beka from INNOVEE Events and Paper
We traveled via limo to Rittenhouse square for pictures where Toby and Ido, enjoyed amazing weather, as they walked amidst the buzz of the busy square. Thank you Toby and Ido for including us in you spectacular day! We are honored that you selected us to document the days events. And thank you- Jani, Richard, Sari and Israel the parents of Toby and Ido.




And to top it all off a Cake like no other! designed by the award winning cake designer, Sylvia Weinstock. And yes those are not real flowers but handmade sculptured sugar flowers!

Cindy - WOW! I'm so glad to see these, because I never saw the cake before it was cut and these are fantastic! What a great shot of the Chuppah!

Jani and Rick - Wow! The photos for the Rosen /Roizman 05/04/08 wedding are spectacular. I have already had one person tell me that the wedding should be featured in Town and Country. Please extend my gratitude to Mike and his assistants for creating these magnificent, brilliant images- ones that will help make our memories last a lifetime. Jani and Rick

Jules - I LOVE the chuppah! OMG so amazing! great pics! you should publish these!