4.20.08 Vanessa and Jason on the boardwalk in AC!



A Morning Engagement on the boardwalk in in AC with a couple that has known each other since grade school! They are such great friends!

I met up with Jason and Vanessa in Atlantic City on Sunday morning! We all had a great time, actually an amazing time!. It started out meeting at Starbucks® at “The Quarter” in The Tropicana Casino/Hotel for some beverages/snacks. I always meet with couples just prior to the shoot to just “get to know them” and find out just what they are looking for and let them know how I work and what I am looking to get from them. Fun- Fun I stress! lets just walk around and have look for interesting shoot locations and backdrops. I explain that some settings may seem odd at first glance but after a while into shooting at that location “they get” what I was pre-visualizing. We found a construction site with GREAT color and light that was perfect setting for them to interact with each other! Right away I showed Vanessa and Jason the rear screen on my camera and they were so excited to see what I was going for. They wanted more! We stopped along the boardwalk and beach several times and got great shots of Vanessa and Jason having fun in the sun. We even found a ice cream place where they sat and shared a cone. Another moment I won’t forget was running backwards along the surf shooting them (quickly I must add) running towards me, “Come on kick the water with your feet and look over at each other, just slow down I can only go so fast running backwards.” Fun stuff! I remember them commenting addition to freezing feet; “We didn’t think we were gong to have this much fun” I replied “That’s what it’s all about, the two of you just being “YOU” And those real moments come from the trust they had in me. That absolute trust is like magic! That comfort level and being at ease REALLY shows in their photographs! We can’t wait to work with you on your wedding day. Vanessa and Jason are getting married on July 5th, 2008 in New Jersey.