Think about seeing each other before the ceremony?

Here is a full spread from an album we completed recently. Amy and Travis seeing each other for the first time before the ceremony!
Location: Penns Landing Hyatt-Philadelphia,PA

Another full page album spread of Kirstin and Casey “Getting close and enjoying a great time with Mike and Jana”
Location: Philadelphia Art Museum

We always get the question: If we see each other before the ceremony will we get better photographs and will it not be so rushed? In most situations the answer is yes. In recent years more and more couples are choosing to get all the necessary photographs completed prior to their ceremony. With the trend that more and more couples and parents want to attend their cocktail hour getting the photos done prior is really a great choice. I do still respect that tradition is very important and I would never make any couple or family do something that would not be their choice. I am just suggesting how great it is to do the pre ceremony shoot and how they can greet all their guests while attending their entire cocktail hour.

We have many couples that come in and fall in love our work, they truly connect with the couples in the photographs they see hanging in our gallery. Most of these images were captured BEFORE the ceremony when the couple was relaxed and when there was time to be creative. It is very hard to be creative when pictures of the bride and groom and families need to be finished in that hour or less, the time between end of ceremony and cocktails.