Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah at the “golden hour”



I just returned from out west with my family visiting several amazing places in Utah, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico. This trip followed a very informative and enjoyable time at the annual wppi convention in Las Vegas. Both Angelique and Jana attended the many educational workshops that were offered. Over 10,000 photographers from around the world got together to learn, share ideas and just have a great time in Vegas. We are so excited and inspired for the upcoming wedding season!
Ryan my son 14 , my daughter Luciana 5 had an amazing time. My other daughter Danielle 18 was not able to make the trip, she is attending college at Syacuse University The sights were just breathless, the weather beautiful(the air so clean and clear!) and the people of the southwest so warm and friendly. And yes, as I’m sure you expected I created several hundred photographs that I cannot wait to share with you. Keep checking back next week as I will be posting my favorites.

Jeff - Wow, I can't wait to see more.