mk photography processes over 250,000 image files in 2007! That’s 2 million mb’s of data!

Tara, Jana, Angelique, Nina

Over two hundred Fifty Thousand (250,000) image files processed at mk photography in 2007! Wow! Just how did we handle all that precious wedding data? Dozens upon dozens of CF cards on the wedding day, (you bet) many large hard drives and one big server, (no doubt) several fast apple computers (yes several for sure). But most important it’s the WHO that was responsible for managing all those important files? My important and vital Team. We all work together to achieve one simple goal. To create a better experience for you and provide you with the very best photographs we can. All 2 million mb’s of your photos! The WHO is my awesome dedicated and extremely proactive employees. I am so proud of our team! Every file needed to be not only processed but backed up and yes backed up 3 times as a matter of fact. We cannot be too careful when it comes to your wedding photographs. EVERY image is irreplaceable and must be protected and treated with very special care.

Many thanks to Jana and Angelique our full time employees and Tara and Nina our training interns that have come to us via U of D. Their outstanding attitude and dedication make it all happen here at mkp. And I have to give Jana a special thanks for creating and streamlining our studio digital workflow process. The success of any full digital studio depends on an excellent digital workflow and Jana has gone out of her way to insure that we are efficient as possible and precise when working on your image files. She meets every challenge head on with a positive attitude. And she really enjoys working on solutions to solve problems; and did we mention that she loves what she does!
And… joining our team in 2007 is Angelique Buckley. She has proven herself as our new studio manager and graphic designer. With her extensive computer skills and confident leadership she has transformed our studio into a very organized and efficient workplace. Creating accurate client databases and making everything more user friendly, she continues to surprise me everyday! An amazing job! She also has completely restructured our album design and layout design process. Which translates to her spending more creative time with you and your custom album layouts.
Thank You for a successful 2007! I could not have done it without all of you!